Specific Wavelength Block Material


COMFOGUARD (UV, VIS, IR), specific wavelength block material developed by Fujifilm technology

[image] Comfoguard features tree: UV (Ultraviolet Absorber), VIS (Visible Light Absorber), IR (Infrared Absorber)

COMFOGUARD is a material developed by Fuji Film by using silver - halide photograph fadeout prevention, color reproducibility, silver halogen emulsion fog suppression, astronomic photograph sensitive material, and near infrared light sensitization technology. This unprecedented material in powder form is able to block specific unwanted wavelengths selectively.

[image] Comfoguard UV, VIS, IR breakdown in nm
[image] 3D COMFOGUARD-VIS cutting the wavelengths of light tree with measurements ranging from 280 - 1500 in nm

Can select light freely by 20nm

Wavelengths of light that can be block can be adjusted by 20nm units, enabling the selection of blocking wavelength range.

For example, visible lights between 460nm and 480nm contain wavelengths that are associated with sleep disorder. By using COMFOGUARD-VIS to cut off the wavelengths of this range, a material that prevents sleep disorder can be created. In addition, the degree of color can be maintained at a low level.