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Pressroom Chemicals

The total solution for your pressroom. Discover the difference Fujifilm can make to your print process.

Product Highlights

  Reduce Production Cost Optimise Productivity Excellent Print Quality Reduced Environmental Footprint
Washes Short washing breaks and reduced paper waste on restart Efficient cleaning, reduced paper waste and following the BG regulation Minimised washing breaks and FOGRA approved formulations Minimised washing breaks, non-VOC products, SFW technology and products for filtration
Founts Fast start up, stable print process and excellent plate activation Good plate activation, fast start-up, low foam and minimised piling Low damp setting, minimised piling, stable print process IPA free printing, low VOC formulations and safety label free products
Silicones Low static charge, excellent film formation and maximum protection Fast film formation, low static charge and no wax build up Excellent film formation and maximum protection Reduced consumption thanks to optimised performance
Glues Accurate glue line, good self-cleaning effect, high adhesion and low misting Accurate glueline, constant viscosity, low misting and defined setting time Self-cleaning effect, accurate glue line and low misting Self cleaning effect and phthalate free formulations
Coatings Low foaming, fast drying or curing, optimum protection and no cracking Fast film formation, low foaming at maximum printing speed and excellent wetting Excellent finishing effect, optimum protection and excellent wetting also on difficult substrates Excellent finishing effect, fast drying and curing
Spray Powders Optimum grain size distribution and no scratches in combination with coatings Optimum grain size distribution for maximum stack height and no scratches in combination with coatings Minimised duting and no scratches, blocking and build up on blanket Minimised dusting and vegetable based formulations