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Pressure measurement film Prescale

Application example for manufacturing Lithium-ion Battery (LiB)

Pressure measurements are critical inspection steps for Lithium-ion battery production to ensure product quality.

Fujifilm's Prescale pressure measurement film is used in several applications, including roller condition check for electrode pressing, welding horn contact pressure adjustment, and checking the swelling level of the battery. 

This does not only support daily production quality stability but also improves overall LiB quality, service life, capacity improvement, and miniaturization.

Below are some Prescale pressure measurement applications for the Lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.
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Electrode process

Benefits of Prescale:
-Prevents dimensional errors and ensures  accurate coating and pressure
or promotes accurate slitting.

Benefits of Prescale:
-Prevents thickness variation of the electrode.

Assembly process

Benefits of Prescale:
-Verify that the TAB is securely welded to the electrode.
-Prevents welding defects that cause leakage.

Aging process

Benefits of Prescale:
-Visualize the load applied to the LiB to see its energy performance.
-Facilitate pressure adjustment to avoid damage or deformation.

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