Specific Wavelength Block Material


Effect of specific wavelength block and COMFOGUARD

Prevention of optical disease/Prevention of sleep disorders (For eyeglass lens)

Product: COMFOGUARD UV-002, 008, VIS-001
<Base material: ulethane resin, polycarbonate resin>

Feature Points : Bluelight*1 block and keep the object less-colored at the same time

  • *1 Bluelight (380 to 500nm) is emitted by smart phone, PC LED display and LED light. It has strong energy and concern for health.
<Transmission spectrum (solution)>
<Influence of bluelight for health>

A. 400 to 420nm: Causes oxidative stress in Macula of the retina.
This is one of the factors of age-related macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in Europe and the United States).

B. 460~480nm: Restrain the emission of melatonin (known as dormancy hormone), which cause sleeping disorder.

Prevention of skin sunburn and wrinkle (For Automobile front side glass)

Product: COMFOGUARD UV-011
Base material: Glass

Feature Points: DeepUVA (UVA of 370 to 400nm) block. Can be utilized as glass coating.

<Transmission spectrum (solution)>
<Influence of DeepUVA on skin>

Penetrates the deepest part of skin, causing wrinkles and degradation.

Anti insects (For Anti insect LED lighting cover for food factory etc.)

Product: COMFOGUARD UV-008
Base material: PET resin, polycarbonate resin

Feature Points: 400 to 420 Block and keep the object less-colored at the same time.

<Transmission spectrum (solution)>

Prevents incoming insects. The less-colored material improves visibility, which brings high efficiency to indoor desk work.

Prevent degradation of Food and Medical drug (Packaging film)

Product: COMFOGUARD UV-002, 008, VIS-002
Base material: PET resin, polyethylene resin

Feature Points: 1) Block up to 420nm, 2) 400 to 480nm block and keep the object less-colored at the same time.

<Transmission spectrum (solution)>

Outer bag for transfusion bag etc.

Prevents degradation of food and medical drugs. The less-colored
material enables to observe the content inside the package easily.