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Skincare Cleansing, Right Down to the Pores

Fujifilm’s proprietary acne care for adults: a fine approach for pore care and dullness prevention

Fujifilm has pursued R&D to create beautiful photographs for over 80 years, ever since its foundation. Over the years, it has accumulated extensive particle technologies, nanotechnologies, and image technologies. We want to help you achieve a beautiful complexion that boosts your confidence. Fujifilm assists with the cleansing of pores, and enhances the complexions of adults for their greater confidence. We apply technologies from the healthcare field, such as image technology, to clearly visualize things that cannot be seen, while also employing particle technology and nanotechnology to achieve reliably concentrated blends of fine particles for their delivery where needed.

Moisturized pore care approaches for adult acne
Lunamer AC

The primary cause of acne during adolescence is clogged pores from excessive sebum secretion. But the causes of acne in adulthood are mostly lifestyle related, such as dryness and pores clogged by excess makeup. Lunamer AC can improve your skin health by moisturizing your complexion, using this unique approach: (1) gentle cleansing of the pores; (2) concentrated penetration of acne-preventing and moisturizing components that are readily absorbed by the oil in the pores; and (3) acne prevention through concentrated moisturization that makes excellent use of nanotechnology, etc.

For a clear, well-moisturized complexion
Lunamer, for pore and dull skin care

Lunamer is packed with components developed using nanotechnology. They ensure thorough penetration of Lunamer’s clear nano vitamins E and A, clearing up pores and dull skin to achieve a translucent, healthy complexion. For a moisturized, refreshed and translucent complexion.


Lunamer AC


Adult Acne Care
Lunamer AC is a skincare series which helps eliminate adult acne through an approach that moisturizes the pores. Proprietary technology was used to develop ingredients that effectively absorb and draw out sebum, thereby preventing acne and hydrating pores. Prevents adult acne, and conditions the skin for a healthier look.



Pore Care
The Lunamer skincare series is focused on “pore troubles.” Proprietary complex clear nano vitamins E and A, developed through our proprietary nanotechnologies, contain moisturizing ingredients that hydrate and condition the skin.