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[photo] Eluxeo Lite 6000 multi-LED endoscope system

6000 System


Multi-LED Endoscope System.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.


Power Supply

100 to 240 V~

50/60 Hz

Current consumption
2.0-1.1 A


Dimensions (W×H×D) 
395×210× 485 mm (including projection) 

15.0 Kg

Category of medical electric equipment

Type of protection against electric shock
Class I equipment

Degree of protection against electric shock
Type BF applied part

Degree of explosion protection
Prohibited in oxygen-rich environment/ flammable gas atmosphere.


Illumination source

Analog SDTV

Digital HDTV

Color adjustment
Brightness, Red, Green, Blue, Chroma in nine levels (-4 to +4).
Red Hue in nine levels (M4 to Y4).
Contrast in three levels (-1 to +1).

Aid brightness
This function increases the brightness level of the area where light hardly reaches in the observation screen.

Noise reduction
The noise reduction function reduces noise on the image.
When noise reduction is applied, the following indication is displayed on the screen.
NR: White (Low), Green (Mid) or Yellow (High)

Iris mode
Function to control the screen brightness.
AVE (controls brightness on the entire screen), PEAK (controls brightness in highlight areas), AUTO (sets average or peak iris automatically)

Structure emphasis
Function to adjust the sharpness of the subject structure.

Illumination mode
OFF/1/2/3. Observation modes can be switched by pressing the illumination mode button.

Electronic zoom
x1.00 to x2.00 (0.05 steps)*1 

Freeze mode
Function to freeze the endoscopic images.

Shake Reduction Mode
The least blurred image within the specified second can be obtained.
Available in seven levels (Off, 0.1-0.5, 1.0).

Special light observation mode
BLI, BLI-bright, LCI

Reset to defaults
The following settings can be reset to their defaults.
• Color Adjustment • Special Light Observation • FICE • Lap Time • The light intensity of the light

Remote control
Fujifilm specified peripherals can be controled.

Data display

Patient information
A maximum of 45 patients can be registered.
Exam No., Patient ID, Patient Name, Sex, Age, Date of Birth,
Message, Procedure name, Doctor name

Recording status
Digital printer status, shooting counter, number of recordable images in internal storage device

Image quality setting status
Structure emphasis, Tone, Electronic Zoom Ratio,Special Light Observation Mode, Focus Indicator.

Index image
When a FullHD monitor is connected and the screen resolution is set to FullHD, the last 
four index images stored in the internal storage device are displayed.

Image recording

External storage device
Swissbit SFU22048 E1BP2TO-I-MS-111-STD or SFU22048E3BP2TO-I-MS-121-STD *2 

Image compression rate
TIFF:1/1, JPEG:1/5 , 1/10, 1/20

Number of recordable images in internal storage device
TIFF:840, JPEG 1/20:21,690, JPEG 1/10:16,270, JPEG 1/5: 5,910 *3 

  • *1  The zoom ratio of some 530 series scopes is x1.00 to x1.95.
  • *2  Concerning other external storage devices, please contact your representative or local dealer.
  • *3  The number of recordable images varies depending on the type of image.

Product name: Processor
GMDN: 34540
Generic name: Endoscopic light source/processing unit