[photo] FDR Nano Mobile X-ray system

FDR nano


A mobile imaging device for high quality X-ray imaging easily handled in a variety of settings.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

[video] Man being rushed and wheeled to ER and FDR Nano used to X-ray him

Quick accessibility

[photo] Person standing in front of FDR Nano interface with x-ray image of chest on screen

Four wheel caster and extremely light weight X-ray cart can bring freedom of movement.

[image] FDR Nano compared to traditional mobile x-ray - smaller, lighter, and smoother movement
Little downtime
[photo] Charging port of FDR Nano on bottom of machine next to wheel

High performance Li-ion battery enables quick charge of 4 hours and can be used continuously for 12 hours. Also plugged in

Ready to be used at anytime
[photo] DR D-EVO II in DR slot with hand reaching over and locking it into FDR Nano system

D-EVO II is charged when placed in the DR slot and is quickly taken out with tilting function.

Quick viewing while treating
[photo] Operation panel rotating freely and x-ray technician looking at screen

Operation panel can rotate freely according to the doctor's position.

Smart Workflow

[photo] Man resting in hospital bed surrounded by man different machines

Its compact design is suitable for taking X-ray in narrow spaces where portable X-ray is used generally.
Combining Fujifilm core technology of Casette DR with image processing and compact Digital x-ray cart can bring smart mobile workflow as below.

[image] FDR Nano Smart Mobile Workflow including FDR D-EVO II, Virtual Grid, and FDR Nano Digital X-ray Cart
Pinpoint movement
[photo] Healthcare professional moving FDR Nano cart through a narrow hallway

Even in narrow spaces such as bedside and elevator, changing direction can be done with ease.

Easy positioning
[photo] Healthcare professional sliding apparatus over man lying in hospital bed

Simply sliding or turning the whole apparatus enables easy position changes.

The shortest moving distance
[photo] Healthcare professional positioning apparatus over man lying in hospital bed

The slim body allows technologists to make less moves in device operation and positioning.

Maintaining Clean Equipments

[photo] Surgical team working over surgical table in OR

Medical equipment surface tends to have high risk for transferring germs, and it is essential to maintaining clean equipments in Operation rooms.

[photo] FDR Nano system with Hydro Ag antibacterial coating on screen/interface and D-EVO II
Easy to clean with flat surface
[photo] Surface of FDR Nano interface with x-ray image of chest on screen
IPX6 waterproofing cassette DR
[photo] Water splashing on cassette DR
Easy bagging
[photo] Easy bagging for cassette DR

Patient friendly

Minimum exposure is desirable when taking X-ray images of a new born or infant.

[photo] Newborn infant lying in incubator with gloved hands reaching inside

Products Name : FDR nano(Model name : DR-XD 1000)