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News Release

June 18, 2024

Fujifilm launches “instax WIDE 400

Discover the pleasures of wide-format analog instant camera with easy operation and enhanced group shots using the lever-operated self-timer

TOKYO, June 18, 2024 – FUJIFILM Corporation announces that the “instax WIDE 400” (WIDE 400), the instax™*1 series of analog instant cameras, will be released on July 19th, 2024 in Japan.

The “WIDE 400” is the successor model to instax WIDE 300 which was released in 2014. This analog instant camera is designed to compatible with double-card-sized wide format film. With a simple operation of turning the power on with a single left turn, and holding the camera and pressing the shutter button enables users to snap the wide-format photos. In addition, the new self-timer function enhances the convenience of capturing group shots and maximizing the enjoyment of wide-format photography.

To complement the launch of the “WIDE 400”, Fujifilm is also introducing a camera case specifically designed to match the color of the camera. 

WIDE 400’s key visual

Since its original launch in 1998, the instax series of instant cameras has embraced trends and evolving technologies with time and expanded its lineup to include not only analog instant cameras, but also hybrid instant cameras using digital technology, smartphone printers and palm-sized digital camera. The instax continues to offer diverse ways to enjoy photography, broadening the user base from young women to men and middle-aged consumers.

Wide-format film offers the ability to capture a broader range of photographic scenes, making it particularly well-suited for group shots and landscape photography. Its unique capability to encompass both the subject and the surrounding environment allows for creation of captivating images that convey the full ambiance and atmosphere of the setting. This feature expands the possibilities for photographic expression, making wide-format film a globally embraced format.

WIDE format film

Fujifilm will continue to expand the world of the “instax” instant photo system that allows people to enjoy on-the-spot photo printing.

  • *1 instax and instax WIDE 400 are trademarks or registered trademarks of FUJIFILM Corporation.

1. Product names, release dates and prices

Product name Release date in Japan Price
(1) INSTAX WIDE 400 July 19, 2024 Open
(2) Camera case for the INSTAX WIDE 400


INSTAX WIDE 400™ front view

(2) Camera case for the INSTAX WIDE 400

Camera case for the INSTAX WIDE 400™ (close)
Camera case for the INSTAX WIDE 400™ (open)

2. Main features

(1) Analog instant camera compatible with the wide format

  • ”WIDE 400” features the simple operation. Just a single left turn powers it on, and users can take wide-format photos by holding the camera and pressing the shutter button. For capturing distant scenery at a distance of 3 meters or more, turn the lens in the same direction to switch to the landscape mode, ensuring clear pictures. Furthermore, the camera package includes a close-up lens, allowing users to capture subjects as close as 40 cm without any blurriness or focus problems.

(2) Introducing a lever-operated self-timer designed to enhance analog usability

Positioned on the front of the camera, this self-timer offers a user friendly experience. By simply turning the lever, a sequence of LEDs illuminates, allowing the adjustment of the self-timer for up to 10 seconds. Once the shutter button is pressed, a countdown begins, with the LEDs diminishing at an interval of 2 seconds. The charm of capturing memorable group shots is elevated with the tactile act of turning the lever and the subtle timer sound, emphasizing the pleasure of analog photography.

Lever-operated self-timer

(3) Including the camera angle adjustment accessory

The addition of the “Camera Angle Adjustment Accessory” makes it possible to adjust the camera angle and easily enjoy self-timer shooting without the need for a tripod. This accessory offers two different angles that can be attached according to the height of the subject.

Included camera angle adjustment

3. Promotion of “WIDE 400”

“WIDE 400” is an analog instant camera that captures exceptional shots with a simple turn on and press the shutter button. Our hope that users will enjoy taking pictures of large groups, landscapes, and compositions that make the most of the empty spaces in various scenes as much as they want to, which is reflected in the promotional tagline of “make room for more”. The promotion will primarily be conducted online, on social media and at various retail outlets, aiming to reach a wide audience and communicate the compelling feature of the “WIDE 400.”

Product Images

INSTAX WIDE 400™ front view
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