HDX NewsSpeed


Fast, efficient and cost effective plate processing 

Fast, reliable finishing unit for newspaper production 

Simple to use and easy to maintain, the reliable HDX NewsSpeed finishing unit guarantees efficient, cost-effective newspaper plate production. 


Fast, efficient, cost-effective plate processing 

Designed specifically for high-end, heavy duty newspaper installations, the HDX NewsSpeed is the perfect companion for the Luxel News VMAX, with a throughput in excess of 400pph. 

Less energy, less water, less waste 

When used with Superia PRO-VN plates, the HDX NewsSpeed can dramatically reduce chemistry consumption, as no developer is required. The system’s water consumption for a full week’s production amounts to as little as 3 – 4 litres, but without any water waste. The energy-efficient, hot air circulation inside the system ensures superior temperature consistency across the plate. 

Perfectly clean plates with Gum Barrier™ technology 

Due to the integrated Gum Barrier™, which cleans off any contaminated gum still on the plate and prevents contaminated gum reaching the plate line, the HDX NewsSpeed delivers very clean plates. This results in no press contamination, and requires less maintenance of the conveyor and punch/bender. 

Easy to use, clean and maintain 

The system’s intuitive touch screen display control panel makes it easy to operate, with the added benefit of built-in remote support and diagnostics. The easy-lift top cover provides rapid access to snap lock mounted brushes, rollers, spray bars and guides, all of which can be replaced in minutes, without the use of tools or the need to re-calibrate. The optional Automatic Cleaning System reduces manual cleaning effort to a minimum, providing an automatically controlled cleaning sequence that can run unattended. 

Automated monitoring and regulation 

The HDX NewsSpeed automatically monitors fluid and temperature levels, making the necessary adjustments without manual intervention. In the event of user involvement being required, automated alerts notify the operator and on-screen step-by-step guidance is provided.