Superia ZE-N


Delivering consistent high-quality and improving sustainability, with the Superia ZE-N processless plate.

Processless revolutionising newspaper production

Fujifilm introduces processless technology to newspaper production. With the ability to streamline production and eliminate harmful chemicals and associated costs, Superia ZE-N delivers consistent high quality and improves sustainability.


Streamline plate production

Superia ZE-N eliminates all the processing requirements to provide a quicker, cleaner and more consistent plate production process. By removing the processing stage from production, there is no longer the need for cleaning maintenance and chemicals or the additional labour costs.

Simplify your plate production

Superia ZE-N allows you to remove the biggest variable in plate production; the processing and associated chemicals. Adopting Superia ZE-N will provide more consistent day-to-day plates and remove the risk of errors.

More sustainable and environmental plate production

By removing the harmful chemicals and disposal requirements associated with plate production, along with the elimination of rinse wash water and all the power requirements to run a processor, your business can benefit from significant environmental improvements.