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News Release

March 4, 2021

Fujifilm India unveils PORTABLE X-RAY UNIT FDR Xair XD2000

“Greater freedom in X-ray imaging”

  • Supported by Fujifilm’s advanced image processing and detector technology, the FDR Xair offers instant, portable handy screening of Tuberculosis at any remote location
  • With its compact design, the portable technology reflects Fujifilm’s camera heritage, offering easy handling and intuitive operation for the radiographer

4 March, 2021, Delhi: Fujifilm India Private Limited, announces today the launch of FUJIFILM’s first portable X-ray device that can easily be used in environments where space and resources are limited, providing quick and easy access to diagnostic imaging through its lightweight, battery powered PORTABLE X-RAY UNIT FDR Xair XD2000 (hereafter, “FDR Xair”).

FUJIFILM has created this new style of ultralight, compact, portable, and battery powered X-ray device to be both functional and ergonomic with a modern and stylish appearance for usage in the various medical treatment settings ranging from patients’ homes, in elder-care facilities, in emergencies care setups, at natural disaster sites, military field hospitals, sports medical facilities, coal mines, veterinary applications etc., to serve patients with extremely reduced mobility, thereby giving more freedom in X Ray imaging by giving access to otherwise difficult scenarios.

Moreover, this product will be instrumental to serve the rapidly growing worldwide demand for portable X-ray equipment to facilitate successful treatments in medical facilities, tackling the outbreak of COVID 19 and with the TB screening programs in the remote places leveraging the combination of deep learning in its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology with Fujifilm’s image processing heritage.

The exterior design of this unique X-ray device FDR Xair is inspired by FUJIFILM’s cumulative knowledge of camera development and flourishing its culture around it attributing to its lightweight (around 3.5 kg), compactness and user friendliness i.e. can be easily carried, handled, and operated easily.

FDR Xair can be used in combination with FUJIFILM FDR D-EVO II Flat Panel Detector for a portable, high image quality, low dose X-ray examination.

The aforementioned detector coupled with the Virtual Grid, an image processing software that corrects for the effects of scatter radiation that otherwise reduce image contrast and clarity, thereby creating high quality images and reducing the radiation dose to which patients are exposed too.

Commenting on the announcement Mr. Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India said, “With an aging population and the ongoing threat from the coronavirus pandemic, community healthcare has become ever more important. At Fujifilm India, our mission is to create increased awareness on early detection, regular screening, consistent examinations, and also provide the platform to promote self diagnosis measures. Staying true to our commitment, we have introduced the FDR Xair, which aims to offer a reformed way of imaging patients in non-clinical ways with the potential to transform radiography services in India. With the option of conducting diagnosis and screening of Tuberculosis at any given location, our new mobile FDR Xair system will provide the much-needed screening solution at any given point of time anywhere.”

Commenting on the launch Mr. Chander Shekhar Sibal, Senior Vice President, Fujifilm India said, “With our new FDR Xair, patients will benefit from community imaging and the radiology services in hospitals will also experience a corresponding reduction in workload. Fujifilm has a long history of introducing profoundly new and effective technologies to the market for medical imaging, and FDR Xair will definitely enable our clients to understand how they can offer their services in a new way to satisfy the changing demands of an ageing society. The attractive appearance can also mean the patient feels less intimidated by the prospect of an x-ray.”

About Fujifilm India Private Ltd

Fujifilm established in 1934 has believed in Innovation and creation of new values through leading edge and proprietary technologies. FUJIFILM India as a firm believer in innovation continues to work hard to provide the Indian consumer the best products and services.

Our corporate slogan is “Value from Innovation.”

Along with expressing Fujifilm's commitment to continuously creating innovative technologies, products and services that empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow's businesses and lifestyles, the slogan also encapsulates the company's desire to combine our own original technology with human resources, expertise and technology from around the world both internally and externally to create innovation. A new brand statement has also been created to articulate these commitments more specifically, and the slogan encapsulates the main points of the brand statement.

Our Goal is to be a company that is able to resolve a diverse variety of the problems that face society, contribute to the world through the continuous creation of value – added products and services, and achieve sustainable growth through constant innovation. That was the commitment we made to the world when we launched our new corporate slogan “Value from Innovation”. We quickly ascertain customer needs, and communicate these clearly and accurately to those involved in product development. Instant camera – instax is a successful example of this in Photo Imaging business, which was developed after accurately assessing market demands and with all related business divisions working together throughout the entire process from production to sales on a worldwide scale.

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