Fujifilm India launches the ‘Real Masti and Real Print’ Digital Film featuring the Bollywood Icon Alia Bhatt

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December 24, 2019

  • The campaign will go live across digital platforms and aims to target over XX million consumers

New Delhi, 24 December 2019: Fujifilm India Private Limited, a pioneer in imaging technologies, launched its second digital campaign with Alia Bhatt, the brand ambassador of Fujifilm’s instax range of Instant cameras. The film is part of the campaign targeting millennials looking to capture their perfect moments on Instax camera. The campaign will be rolled out across digital platform and will be targeting XX million consumers.

The new film titled, ‘Real Masti Real Print’ highlights Alia Bhatt’s mischief act while capturing an ideal moment of her day-to-day life. In the film, Alia is seen goofing around with her teenage brother, who is on his mission to click a perfect picture while his sister struggles to balance the Dancer pose (Natarajasana). Through Fujifilm’s Instax range of cameras the siblings seize the bona fide moments of their lives and endorses everyone to get real.

Speaking on the association Alia Bhatt said “It my second film with Fujifilm and it feels great to be associated with the brand for the Instax range of cameras. In today’s digital worlds, where pictures are saved on cloud and screensaver, the Instax gives you an instant physical copy to have it on your desk, or use it as a bookmark. The Instax range of camera comes with top-of-the-line features and great picture quality.”

Commenting on the campaign Mr. Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are happy to launch ‘Real Masti Real Print’ campaign with Alia Bhat. The campaign reflects, how anyone can capture and save perfect moment on Instax camera. We are thrilled to have Alia as face for the Instax range of cameras. She is a Bollywood icon and popular amongst millennials for her great acting skills and charm which perfectly blends with our brand. Her playful attitude in the film organically embodies with what Fujifilm INSTAX is all about - young, fun and ‘kawaii’ (cute in Japanese). With this film, we look forward to doubling our sales and scaling newer heights in the imaging space.”

Mr. Centhil Nathan, Head - Photo Imaging and Instax, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. added, “In line with festive mood, we are happy to announce our new digital campaign with Alia which highlights how one can easily capture their heartfelt day-to-day happenings. With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, we aim to enhance our festive sales and spread the joy of instant pictures by Alia’s youthful vivacity among our current and potential consumers.”

Storyboard: The film unfolds with Alia struggling to perfect the Natarajasana (dancer pose) as her younger teenage brother tries to capture the moment in Fujifilm’s instax camera. Alia is seen instructing her brother when to click while she fails to maintain the Yoga Posture. Alia playfully smiles at the camera when the mischievous idea comes to her mind to create the seamless balance for her picture. After multiple failures, the brother clicks the perfect shot which gets printed in an instant. Without creating further suspense, the film unrolls to reveal the tower-long music system on which Alia supports her leg to balance herself effortlessly. The film ends with Alia narrating to check out ‘Real Masti and Real Print’ with Fujifilm instax range of Instant Cameras.

XX of Blank Slate India adds, “Keeping in mind Fujifilm’s Instax series association with Alia Bhatt, we wanted to shed light on the brand’s fun and quirky instax range in the most-goofiest way possible. Fujifilm’s instax camera lets one preserve a memory in print instantly and forever. Alia’s playfulness and the fun Instax camera made way for the most effortlessly created film.”

Fujifilm’s Instax has certainly come a long way ever since its launch back in 1998. Today, it is a global hit with presence in more than 100 countries and regions with approximately 40 million units sold worldwide. Its quirky design and retro look have helped the brand carve a winning niche for itself. The company further aims to enhance Instax’s awareness through its strategic collaboration with one of the most followed Indian celebrity,Alia Bhatt. With Alia’s 40.7 million-plus social media popularity and her unique iconic personality, she is one of the most influential people amongst the youth today. She perfectly complements the Brand Attributes of Fujifilm Instax, which is indeed a charming product with which one can shoot, print, and share an original instantly.

Click here for an exclusive preview of the new digital film by Fujifilm India.

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