Don’t Just Take, Give: Fujifilm Instax Partners with Influencers to spread the Joy of Giving

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June 25, 2020

  • The company launches a social film to spread happiness

New Delhi, 25 June, 2020: Fujifilm India Private Limited, a pioneer in imaging technologies, today unveiled an influencer led campaign, in line with its global branding for INSTAX range of cameras. The campaign focuses not just on brand awareness, but the importance of creating shareable memories that can be printed and given to others.

The tagline, “Don’t just take, give”, is a direct nod to the thoughtfulness and generosity around sharing INSTAX prints as demonstrations of joy, posterity and shared experiences. The campaign will be executed via social media and consumer engagement initiatives. The INSTAX line of instant cameras, which lets users create beautiful instant prints on the spot, has sold over 45 million units in more than 100 countries – with 10 million units sold in fiscal year 2019. INSTAX is the category leader with a strong franchise among Gen Z and millennial consumers.

The essence of the film perfectly captures how ‘Giving’ is often underrated, and how many don’t realise that being giving will not only strengthen their relationships but also their sense of satisfaction in life. Survival of the fittest is usually coupled with selfishness i.e. ‘Taking’, meaning that if one looks out for only themselves, then they’ll have the best chance of survival. However, as more and more humans are spending time being confined to their homes, mankind have instinctively grown to become social and caring. During the on-going pandemic, research has suggested that giving to others, rather than having more and more for yourself, brings about lasting wellbeing. Science has shown that giving is the foundation of basic human connection. This means that even our future success as a species, our ability to thrive and grow, is also completely dependent upon it.

With this film, Fujifilm aims to spread positivity across negatively filtered social mediums, and spread the joy of memories with their Instax range of cameras. The film features some prominent influencers such as the singer and songstress Lisa Mishra, lifestyle and wellness motivators, Rohina Anand Khira and Rina Charaniya Hural, along with fashion bloggers Shivali Oswal and Shreyashi Debnath, among others.

Commenting on the launch of the film, Mr. Masaki Zenko, Head of Department, Instax, said, “Our range of Instax camera have been deisgned to allow one to preserve their most cherished memory in print instantly and forever. With the launch of this social film, we want to spread smiles, joy, inspiration, entertainment, love, peace, support and hope to communities across the world. By associating with few influencers, we aim to bring everyone together during these challenging times and encourage them to ‘Don’t just take; Give’ to all their loved ones.

Mr. Kunal Girotra, National Business Manager, Instax, further added, “We’re excited to uncover our latest social film on happiness and associate Instax with key influencers. We believe, the core message of the film is to make the most of what one gets and ultimately make a life by what one offers in return. Much like our stylish range instax cameras, that not just takes pictures, but also gives back the joyful prints in return. With this film, we aim to take one step closer to the millennial generation and deliver them the joy of experiencing Fujifilm INSTAX, which is all about – staying young, fun and ‘kawaii’ (cute in Japanese).”

To further spread happiness and the joy of giving, Fujifilm is running this social campaign across countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. Click for an exclusive preview of the new social film by Fujifilm India.

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