Press Release - This Mother’s day,  Fujifilm launches “Pari Laayegi Parivartan” campaign for breast cancer awareness

News Release

May 8, 2020

  • To educate and encourage women to timely examine the risk of breast cancer and help save lives of millions of mothers’

08 May 2020, Gurgaon: Fujifilm India Pvt ltd, a leader in the development and application of imaging and information innovations in healthcare technologies, is happy to bring forth the “Parivartan” Campaign that illustrates the importance of regular breast cancer screening and breast self-examination in India.

With this campaign, Fujifilm India aims to “Create Change” and spread awareness amongst young children, not only for their own well-being but also for them to act as an exemplar to their mothers, grandmothers, and women in general to adopt timely preventive screening practices against breast cancer. Fujifilm has introduced the child mascot ‘Pari’the angelic girl who represents the biggest motivator for all mothers as the curious child. In the campaign, she personifies the unadulterated love, affection a child can have for mothers, and the persistence a child can exhibit if she wants something, especially if it means the wellbeing of her parents. The company seeks to reach out to young girls and women across the country with the message of “Early Detection – Saves Lives” in Breast Cancer through the campaign.

In the storyboard – Pari – the central character is seen playing in the park where she notices a poster on Breast Cancer and the importance of early detection.  After seeing the poster, she gets alarmed and talks to her mother about it. Pari startles her mother with her innocent queries and convinces her to visit the doctor. On the day of appointment, Pari accompanies her mother and witnesses her mother responding to questions asked by doctor about the signs pertaining to breast cancer. Post the general check-up, the doctor recommends her mother to get a mammography test as she is over 40 years of age. Later, Pari takes her mother to a diagnostic center for her mammography screening. On arrival of the report, the doctor is seen informing both of them about the mother’s breast being healthy and fine. Through the illustrative storytelling, the brand ingeniously tries to convey the importance of breast screening and how early detection can be the key to save the lives of our mothers. It further demonstrates steps on how women can easily self-examine their breast at home. On Mother’s Day, it renders a lucrative message to all the children to be the ‘Pari’ of their household and bring a ‘Parivartan’ in early detection of breast cancer.

Despite the innovations in treatment, the number of breast cancer cases and the risk associated with it are growing at an enormous rate. The biggest reason for this is the lack of awareness and ignorance of most patients to come forward to detect the problem well in time. Understanding the situation at hand, Fujifilm strives to educate and raise awareness through this stimulating campaign that elucidates the importance of self-examination among individuals.

Commenting on this campaign, Mr. Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. said, “In India, the major problem is the late detection of cancer and the key to control is to give the accurate treatment at the right time. And Fujifilm’s Parivartan initiative encourages women towards being self-prepared, by a simple yet innovative easy-to-use self-examination method. We hope this initiative will continue to foster positive conversations around breast health not only amongst mothers but also create awareness for children to act as motivators for timely breast examinations, that is still seen as a taboo in India. Fujifilm has been at the forefront in the fight against breast cancer with its best-in-class Mammography – Amulet Innovality that helps in detecting the early symptoms of cancer. We are dedicated to this mission and we believe that early awareness and detection of the disease is half the battle won and our continued approach this year is to initiate a nation-wide drive to educate women on self-examination and break some myths about breast cancer."

Mr. Chander Shekhar Sibal, Executive Vice President & Head of Medical Division at Fujifilm India further adds –“According to the health ministry of India, breast cancer ranks as the number one cancer among Indian women with a rate as high as 25.8 per 100,000 women and mortality of 12.7 per 100,000 women. We believe that the awareness against the disease is the vaccine that is much in need. At Fujifilm, we understand the importance of early detection and are committed to improving the survival rates with advanced treatments. We have introduced Parivartan campaign with an aim to create the much-needed change and trigger timely examinations amongst women. We look forward to a day when we have a Pari in every household in India and early detection of breast cancer becomes a new normal….. A Parivartan.”

This Mother’s Day, Fujifilm seeks to educate children to take their mothers for timely breast-cancer scanning and include self-examination methods in their daily life in order to enhance breast-care and thus serve the purpose.

Fujifilm established in 1934 has believed in Innovation and creation of new values through leading edge and proprietary technologies. FUJIFILM India as a firm believer in sophistication, the company continues to work hard to provide the Indian consumer the best products and services.

Our corporate slogan is “Value from Innovation.” Along with expressing Fujifilm's commitment to continuously creating innovative technologies, products and services that empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow's businesses and lifestyles, the slogan also encapsulates the company's desire to combine our own original technology with human resources, expertise and technology from around the world both internally and externally to create innovation. A new brand statement has also been created to articulate these commitments more specifically, and the slogan encapsulates the main points of the brand statement.

Our Goal is to be a company that is able to resolve a diverse variety of the problems that face society, contribute to the world through the continuous creation of value – added products and services, and achieve sustainable growth through constant innovation. That was the commitment we made to the world when we launched our new corporate slogan “Value from Innovation.”

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