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Control of materials


[photo]Technologies02 Control of materials

Fine Porous Aluminum Foil

Based on proprietary aluminum surface processing
technology that widens the range of aperture
diameters and ratios

Fine porous aluminum foil offers a range of aperture diameters and ratios that were difficult to attain with conventional through-hole forming methods. Fujifilm’s method allows pore formation on 10- to 50-µm thick foil, facilitating the provision of materials tailored to specific purposes and applications.

Redox Control Technology / High-precision Forming Technology / Materials Chemistry

Through-hole sizes are adjustable*

Aperture diameter: 10 μm to several tens μm
Aperture ratio: approx. 50% or less*Ragne of adjustment depends on foil thickness.

Aluminum reduction oxidation (ARO) technology

Cylindrical through-holes can be formed on aluminum foils by applying redox reactions to selectively etch specified areas. Provides control over aperture diameter and ratio and ensures stable pore density.

Materials Printer DMP-2831

Industrial inkjet printer specifically designed
for R&D in diverse fields

Printer features single-use MEMS-based piezo inkjet cartridge printheads with 16 nozzles each and offers excellent compatibility for jetting a broad range of fluids, including aqueous-based fluids, solvent-based fluids and suspensions of organic solvents and fine particles, without risking contamination.

Functional Molecules / Functional Polymer / Redox Control Technology / Nano Dispersion Technology / Materials Chemistry

Observation cameras for drop jetting adjustment

Onboard cameras enable the monitoring of drop jetting conditions and inspecting alignment and printing conditions for real-time observation and adjustment.