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Comprehensive range of Metal Ion Containing (MIC) & Metal Ion Free (MIF) developers for positive and negative resist systems

FUJIFILM Electronic Materials provides a comprehensive range of metal ion free (MIF) photoresist developers suitable for immersion and in-line track development. 

In addition, metal ion containing (MIC) developers are available to those customers that continue to use this technology.

Features and Benefits

  • Proprietary multi-component formulations with surfactant additives
  • Packaging options : 
    • 4 x 4L bottles
    • 200L drums (one way and returnable)
    • 1000L IBC’s 
    • Bulk delivery

Product Summary

  • OPD 262 : developer without surfactant
  • OPD 4262 : developer with broadly applicable surfactant
  • OPD 4280 : developer with broadly applicable surfactant

Other alkalinities and surfactant families are also available.
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  • WNRD : negative resist developer