Fujifilm Launches Sheetfed Inkjet Digital Press “Jet Press 750S”

Achieves high image quality transcending that of offset printing and high-speed output of 3,600 sheets per hour, showing innovative performance in a rapidly digitizing commercial printing market

News Release

March 14, 2019

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is delighted to announce the launch of the “Jet Press 750S,” the newest product in the commercial inkjet digital press “Jet Press” series lineup. It will be first released in Japan starting today through FUJIFILM Digital Press Co.,Ltd. (President: Shuji Aso) and will be subsequently introduced to the overseas market. The Jet Press 750S is a new flagship model that achieves high image quality that surpasses that of offset printing. It achieves a maximum high-speed output of 3,600 sheets per hour with enlarged maximum paper size and use of the latest printheads and ink, while still retaining features of the globally acclaimed Jet Press 720S.

Fujifilm began offering the inkjet digital press “Jet Press” series worldwide in 2011, ahead of other companies. The Jet Press 720S, released in 2014, is an innovative digital press that achieves high productivity using the single-pass system, in which printing is completed with just one pass of the printhead. Using B2 size paper (maximum paper size: 750mm x 530mm), a speed of 2,700 sheets per hour is possible (or 180 sheets per minute in terms of A4). By using “SAMBA” heads, which achieve high precision and stable ejection from the printhead, “VIVIDIA” aqueous pigment ink with its wide color range, and “Rapic Technology”*1 , Fujifilm's proprietary coating technology that prevents ink droplets from spreading out when jetted onto paper, a sharp, gradation rich image can be rendered on various types of printing paper. The “Jet Press” series have been widely adopted in Japan, Europe, and the United States, with more than 150 installations worldwide.

The new Jet Press 750S further enhances productivity by adopting the latest proprietary technology while also inheriting the excellent base performance of the Jet Press 720S. A high-speed output of 3,600 sheets per hour has been achieved by increasing the printhead droplet ejection speed, improving the accuracy in ink ejection control, and adopting a new drying mechanism. By enlarging the maximum paper size to 750mm x 585mm, six pages of B5 size, the general size of books, can be printed on one sheet*2 , improving production efficiency. In addition, the Jet Press 750S is fitted with new high-precision drawing quality inspection, which examines each printed sheet visually to automatically determine whether the printing job is performed in stable quality. It reduces the number of man-hours required for inspection and sorting after printout.
The model's new drying mechanism, which keeps printed paper flush with the belt conveyor while applying direct heat, cuts the amount of electricity consumed by around 20%. The full length of the drying unit is 70cm shorter than that of previous models, reducing the model's installation footprint by around 15% so that it can be installed in smaller space.

[Photo]Inkjet Digital Press “Jet Press 750S”

In a rapidly digitizing commercial printing market, Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide innovative products to contribute to the development of the world's printing industry.

  • *1 An abbreviation for Rapid Pigment Coagulation Technology, a technology that prevents ink bleeding by aggregating the pigment in ink at high speeds, enabling reproduction of high-definition image quality.
  • *2 Four pages can be printed with maximum paper size of the conventional Jet Press 720S.

1. Product name

Inkjet Digital Press “Jet Press 750S”

2. Release date in Japan

March 14, 2019

3. Listed Price

JPY 2 hundred million (not including sales tax)

4. Main features

(1) High image quality transcending that of offset printing

By integrating “Rapic Technology,” which creates sharp, blur-free dot formations, with the advanced ultra-high-density/high-precision “SAMBA” printheads and aqueous pigment “VIVIDA” ink with its wide color range and high color development, both photos and letters can be printed at a quality equal to or even better than offset.

(2) High-speed output of 3,600 sheets per hour

A high-speed output of 3,600 sheets per hour, 1.3x faster than that of the conventional Jet Press 720S, has been achieved with the increased printhead droplet ejection speed and improved accuracy in ink ejection control. Drying time has also been shortened by adopting a new drying mechanism that brings the paper into close contact with the belt conveyor to apply direct heat.

(3) Expanded printing paper size

The maximum paper size has been expanded from 750mm x 532mm to 750mm x 585mm, making it possible to include six pages of B5 size or letter size, which see particularly high demand in Japan, Europe, and the United States. This greatly improves production efficiency.

(4) High-precision drawing quality inspection*3

Through use of a drawing quality inspection function (in-line sensor) that scans the entire image area, highly precise inspection checking for finishing with stable printing quality is made possible, contributing to a reduction in inspection and sorting steps after output.

(5) Reduced drying unit size

A new drying mechanism has been adopted with a total length approximately 70cm smaller than that of the Jet Press 720S. The installation area is 10m x 5.2m, approximately 15% smaller than the conventional machine, allowing it to be operated in a smaller space.

  • *3 It is an optional feature to be sold separately upon users' request.

5. Main specifications


Sheetfed inkjet digital press

Paper sizes

Maximum: 750mm x 585mm

Printable area

Maximum: 733mm x 567mm


1200 x 1200dpi

Inkjet head

FUJIFILM Dimatix SAMBA™ Technology
Piezoelectric drop-on-demand single pass inkjet head


Water-based pigment inkjet ink, 4 colors (CMYK)

Printing speed

3,600 sheets per hour


FUJIFILM Workflow XMF for Jet Press

External dimensions of the main unit

7.30m (W) x 2.65m (D) x 2.06m (H)



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