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March 29, 2022

Fujifilm, Tokyo Gas and Minamiashigara City sign a “comprehensive partnership agreement
towards a decarbonized future”

establishing a carbon neutral model in manufacturing

TOKYO, March 29, 2022 – FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto), Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (Representative Corporate Executive Officer, President and CEO: Takashi Uchida) and Minamiashigara City (Mayor: Shuhei Kato) have today signed a “comprehensive partnership agreement towards a decarbonized future” (the “Agreement”). The Agreement is aimed at promoting an advanced initiative to create a carbon neutral model in manufacturing under collaboration between energy user, energy supplier and local government.

Fujifilm, which aims to achieve net-zero emissions from manufacturing by 2040 and explores new ways of manufacturing products with minimal environmental impact, will collaborate with Tokyo Gas, which has cutting-edge decarbonization technologies involving methanation and hydrogen, and Minamiashigara City, which accelerates the drive to mitigate carbon dioxide within the city.

Under this Agreement, the three parties will also collaborate in various fields including achieving carbon neutrality in the community and consumption of locally-produced energy. With a view to adding collaboration partners such as nearby companies and local governments, the three parties will contribute to local communities towards a decarbonized future.

Comment from Teiichi Goto, president and CEO, representative director of FUJIFILM Corporation:

“The Fujifilm Group is working on climate change issues from the perspectives of ‘resolving social issues through business activities’ and ‘giving environmental and social considerations in business processes,’ as set out in our Sustainable Value Plan 2030 to be achieved by the fiscal year ending March 2031. The latest partnership agreement is an epoch-making initiative that brings together insight and technologies held by a local government (Minamiashigara City), energy supplier(Tokyo Gas) and energy user (Fujifilm) to realize carbon free fuel, a common challenge of the materials industry. We will not only embrace this initiative internally but also advocate it to the rest of our society as a carbon neutral model in manufacturing, thereby contributing to establish a decarbonized future across the value chain and in local communities.”

Comment from Takashi Uchida, representative corporate executive officer, president and CEO of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.:

“In our Management Vision ‘Compass2030’, the Tokyo Gas Group refers to the challenge of ‘establishing a value-creation ecosystem’ and ‘achieving net-zero CO2.’ The latest partnership agreement is a very significant initiative for achieving a low-carbon / decarbonized future through value co-creation with a local government and an energy user. We will continue to promote solutions of gas/electricity decarbonization for creating and offering diverse values through collaboration with customers, society and business partners, while also contributing to achieving a carbon neutral society.”

Comment from Shuhei Kato, mayor of Minamiashigara City:

“Blessed with abundant water and lush-green nature, and boasting traditions and cultures backed by extended history, the city has evolved and developed together with its citizens and local businesses. From the perspective of sustainable development, there is a global momentum to achieve carbon neutrality. We regard 2022 as the year of commencing efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, sharing the awareness about global warming with citizens and local businesses, and accelerating each of their initiatives. In the given situation, this agreement establishes a partnership with Fujifilm, which is making company-wide active efforts toward a decarbonized future, and Tokyo Gas, which is promoting pioneering initiatives in the energy industry. We hope this agreement will promote community-based initiatives in a wide variety of fields, including the greater use of renewable energy, environmental and energy education at schools, and reinforcement of local communities’ emergency management functions.”


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