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We work to further enhance the quality of life through our diverse products and services, as a total healthcare company with wide-ranging technologies and expertise to contribute to all areas of human health from prevention through diagnosis and treatment.


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We provide functional cosmetics and supplements with the ASTALIFT series and more, using advanced technologies and expertise built up over extended years in the photographic film field including expertise on collagen, anti-oxidation technology, nanotechnology. We support people in accepting healthy, fulfilling lifestyles.

[image]ASTALIFT series

Functional cosmetics "ASTALIFT" series

[image]meta barrier ex

Nutritional supplement product "Meta barrier EX"

Main Products and Services
  • Functional cosmetics
  • Nutritional supplement products
  • Hair care products

Since launching our X-ray film product in 1936, we have expanded the fields through our technological strengths. We offer a wide variety of products in the field, including medical IT, MRI and CT, X-ray imaging diagnostics, endoscopes, ultrasound diagnostics, in-vitro diagnostic systems. We have also expanded our business globally, in order to support patients and medical service providers worldwide with rapid, precise diagnosis.

Main Products and Services
[image]Healthcare IT
Healthcare IT

We contribute to more efficient diagnosis and improved quality by solving various issues in the field using advanced technologies such as AI.

[image]MRI・CT System
MRI・CT System

We provide a wide lineup of sophisticated MRI and CT systems with high image quality and functionality that provide a patient-friendly environment and high clinical value.

[image]X-ray Imaging Devices
X-ray Imaging Devices

We provide many products for handling changes in medical needs by utilizing our experience leading advances in technological innovation for X-ray imaging diagnostics over many years.


FUJIFILM’s endoscopy systems contribute to medicine with our diverse technologies.

[image]Ultrasound Devices
Ultrasound Devices

We provide various products for achieving smooth ultrasonic imaging diagnostics in a variety of medical locations, including home care.

[image]In Vitro Diagnostics
In Vitro Diagnostics

We aim to provide screening systems that produces quick and accurate clinical screenings, so that patients can receive appropriate treatment.

[image]Veterinary Diagnostics
Veterinary Diagnostics

We aim to provide products and services that meet the needs of onsite veterinary medicine, in order to contribute to society in which animals and humans can lead safe and healthy lives.

By combining the various technologies of the Fujifilm Group companies (FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, Inc., FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc., FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation, FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd., etc.) and advanced production-control and quality-control technologies, etc., developed in the field of photographic film, pharmaceutical and life science products have been and are being developed, manufactured, and marketed. In recent years, business has also expanded in the area of Bio CDMO, which perform process development and production of biological formulations under contract, and drug discovery support, based on total solutions involving cells, media, and reagents, is contributing to expansion of pharmaceutical industry and progress in biomedicine. By responding to unmet medical needs, such as cancer and rare diseases, for which no effective treatment methods have been established, we are tackling the resolution of various societal problems linked to health and medicine.

Principal drugs and services
  • Small-molecule drugs
  • Bio CDMO
  • Cells differentiated from iPS cells, for drug discovery support
  • Cell culture media
  • Regenerative medicine
[image]Culturing tank for biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Culturing tank for biopharmaceutical manufacturing