An advanced rapid diagnostic system for infection with high sensitivity and high specificity technology.

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Auto-determination without using a timer offers a speedy and effective test for infection.

The IMMUNO AG2’ s highly sensitive detection technology using silver amplification principle of photographic development offers accurate detection of a small amount of antigen during early stages of flu.
Easy operation allows the user to set a sample and execute automatic determination, reducing the labour for inspection, and prevents determination errors that are common with the visual inspection method.
The barcode reader offers the convenience to users. 
The IMMUNO AG2 brings efficiency to test for infection reducing the burden to patients through early detection.

Dedicated Reagent for FUJI DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AG

Influenza type A and B virus antigen

Influenza virus kit

Sample typeNasopharyngeal swab
Reaction time3.5 to 15 minutes


RS virus antigen Adenovirus antigen

RS virus and Adenovirus kit

Sample typeNasopharyngeal swab
Reaction time3.5 to 15 minutes


This system uses technology derived from the silver amplification of photographic development to improve sensitivity and specificity

The photographic technology leads to improved detection sensitivity of bacterial and viral antigens. This offers a greater ability to detect viruses in a small sample amount of antigen in early onset of disease.

High sensitivity detection technology

By applying the silver amplification principle of photographic development, the colloidal gold particles that are the targets are amplified up to approx. 100 times, leading to the improvement of detection sensitivity.

High specificity technology

The specificity of the measurement is improved by washing off colloidal gold particles, which had foreign substances attached, prior to Ag sensitization to avoid false positive reaction.

No need to measure time / The shortest detection time, 3.5 min.

After dropping the sample liquid onto the reagent cartridge and inserting it into the port, the system automatically starts the measurement. Further manual operation is not required until the measuring result is printed out. For FluAB, the shortest measurement time is about 3.5 minutes. If the system cannot make a determination, it automatically starts a sensitization test.

[On measuring FluAB]

Accurate reading of results

The system automatically reads the results. Thus human error in reading result can be avoided unlike the visual inspection method.

Positive (*: Not determined)

Determined with


Determined after 


Determined after

Efficient patient data input

The built-in barcode reader allows reading of Order ID and User ID, reducing input error.

Simple design to improve usability

Intuitive touch panel
Easy to disinfect design
Suitable for multiple installation