Fujifilm announces firmware updates for “FUJIFILM X-T30”

Improved operability of the Q (quick menu) button

April 18, 2019

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) will release a new firmware for the FUJIFILM X-T30 (“X-T30”). This firmware update will improve the operability of the Q (quick menu) button to prevent accidental use.

Firmware Version:

[ FUJIFILM X-T30 Ver.1.01: April 18, 2019 ]

  1. Improved operability of the Q (quick menu) button
    To avoid accidentally opening the Q (quick) menu, the button reaction time has been increased.

FUJIFILM Corporation plans an additional firmware update in June. This will allow customers to use the Q button as a Fn button. This planned update also allows the user to disable the Q button and adds it as a choice in the Function (Fn) Settings enabling the option to assign it to a different Fn button.


Customer Contact:

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