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Convert your UV flexo press to LED UV

Full LED UV system with hybrid capability, high productivity and quality

The ACTIV LED UV curing system, in combination with the company’s new high performance Sericol JJ LED UV flexo inks, allows any traditional UV flexo press to be converted to LED UV curing to deliver farreaching improvements to label production on a narrow web press.


Productivity and quality improvements

Thanks to the high performance of the ACTIV LED UV curing system, productivity and quality improvements are significant. Not only can press speeds be increased, but job set up and make ready times can be reduced as there is less material distortion due to heat.

Improved substrate stability also results in a more controlled ramp up to production speeds, and it is often possible to achieve the required colours much faster with Fujifilm’s high performance Sericol JJ LED UV flexo ink system. Add to that improvements to the system reliability with much lower press down time, productivity gains can be significant. Quality also becomes more consistent as the impact of the heat from the UV lamps is reduced, resulting in better registration and less substrate distortion.

Savings in energy, materials, labour and waste

Due to the reductions in power required for the LED UV lamps, cost savings can be made across the production process. The energy savings are significant, but material usage and waste are also reduced, and the lower maintenance required to support the LED UV curing system results in a much lower number of replacement parts, with lower associated labour costs. 

Environmental improvements

The ACTIV LED UV curing system has significant benefits to both the working environment and the environment as a whole. Energy use is reduced, VOCs are eliminated when running at full LED capabilities and the lower amounts of materials used and waste produced all benefit the environment. The working environment for operators is also improved, with many undesirable factors eliminated or reduced, including heat from the conventional UV lamps, ambient noise and odour.

Sericol Flexo JJ LED UV cured flexo inks

Sericol Flexo JJ is an ultra-fast cured, high gloss LED UV flexo ink system incorporating a range of colours, process inks, metallic shades and specialist products. Flexo JJ uses Micro-V dispersion technology enabling a highly pigmented product whilst maintaining consistent viscosity and flow. The exceptionally fast cure speed of Flexo JJ enables a wide range of anilox volumes to be used, which allows for deeper more saturated colours in the final print. Flexo JJ is designed for use with both the Illumina and ACTIV LED UV curing systems, but is also compatible with most other available LED UV curing systems.