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Acuity Ultra R2


The new blueprint for superwide printing 

The perfect ratio for profitability

With the ideal ratio of quality, speed and cost-in-use, the Acuity Ultra R2 gives you the power to profit from a huge range of indoor and outdoor applications. Offer better quality. Produce at higher speeds. Drive your business forward with an outstanding superwide machine from a world leader in industrial inkjet technology.

Exceptional quality in superwide format

With the Acuity Ultra R2, you get the excellent high quality, productivity and reliability our Acuity range is known for, on a massive industrial scale – up to 5 metres wide. Industrial printheads with a 3.5 picolitre drop size and specially developed LED UV inks ensure consistent high quality print.

Make an impact in the high-end indoor display market

The Acuity Ultra R2 is not only ideal for out of home applications such as single billboards and signage, it’s also perfect for high-end indoor displays where close viewing requires images to be exceptionally clear and vibrant. With quality comparable to leading water-based inkjet systems, investing in an Acuity Ultra R2 can propel your business into the luxury brand market.

Versatility on a massive scale

With its massive format size, 2- or 3-up multi-roll potential, and ability to print on a broad range of materials, the Acuity Ultra R2 gives you the ability to profitably create exhibition graphics, POS displays, high-value graphic art, backlit displays, outdoor displays, outdoor signage and more. And now with the option of our LED versions, you can offer even more value and versatility to your workflow, based on customer demand.

Fully equipped to enhance productivity

The Acuity Ultra R2 is equipped with advanced features for flexible and productive printing, including: a unique chilled vacuum table to enable printing of thin heat-sensitive substrates; an on-board backlighting feature to enable image quality to be checked during printing; and an automatic nozzle spitting system to maintain consistent print quality.

Easy to use, saving time and money

With features to speed up job set-up times, enable the status of the print to easily be reviewed, through to the day-today maintenance of the machine, the ease of use of the Acuity Ultra R2 is a key contributor to improving your overall print ROI.