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March 2, 2023

Fujifilm INSTAX UP! Smartphone App

Scan, store and share INSTAX prints to enhance the instant photography experience

Fujifilm INSTAX UP! Smartphone App


FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, Imaging Division, has announced the launch of Fujifilm’s free, downloadable INSTAX UP! Smartphone App (hereinafter "INSTAX UP!"), designed for INSTAX instant photography fans to digitally scan, store, and share their photos in one place.

With INSTAX UP! users can:

  • Scan their INSTAX prints and store them digitally in one place
  • Organize their photos by category/list views for easy locating
  • Easily share stored photos and collections via social media or text
  • Import photos from other INSTAX apps (INSTAX mini LINK, INSTAX Link WIDE etc.) into the INSTAX Up!
  • Keep informed about the latest INSTAX updates, tips, and other creative content

INSTAX UP! has been developed with the help of consumer feedback; where users wanting to digitally store and share INSTAX prints have previously used simple smartphone picture taking of photographs. This technique can result in the glossy surface of the print to cause reflections, as well some distortion including loss of texture of the border film. INSTAX UP! simplifies and improves the process for storing your favourite INSTAX prints digitally and turning them into shareable posts.

INSTAX UP! is a new solution that solves the problem of easily digitizing and sharing high-quality INSTAX prints,

said Shin Udono, Senior Vice President, Imaging Solutions, FUJIFILM Europe.

Enhancing the overall INSTAX experience, INSTAX UP! will enable instant photo fans to digitally organize and archive their creativity, and easily share their photos with the world, helping preserve special memories and inspire more.

INSTAX UP! is available as of today on Apple Store and Google Play Store

Contact information:

Andy Ross - FUJIFILM Europe GmbH 
44(0)7766 497949