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Inkjet Technology

Fujifilm Inkjet Technology has a Broad Support Network

Fujifilm's manufacturing pri-nciple is clear, “to embed quality and reliability in the product and manufacturing process”.
A broad global network for “research, development, manufacturing, and sales” has been established, creating closer partnership with a more diversifi¬ed group of suppliers. This network exhibits great strength in pursuing stable and sustainable supply of inkjet products as well as pursuing quality and reliability of products.
There are approximately 6,500 members of the Fujifilm Group worldwide. Each individual and company cooperate with conviction to take on the challenge everyday to create innovation that will change the world.

FUJIFILM Speciality Ink Systems Ltd.

Established in 1951 as the "Sericol Group", the company was acquired by Fujifilm in 2005. Beginning with the development of ink for screen printing, the company now focuses mainly in manufacturing ink for industrial ink jet printers. In particular, it develops the advanced wide format printing system using its wealth of knowledge regarding UV ink accumulated since the establishment of the company.

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Ltd.

Established in 1985 as the "Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd." it rose in a short period as the top manufacturer of ink dyes for ink jet printers, and was acquired by Fujifilm in 2006. The company plans to expand its business with advanced technology that have won them high shares in the field of water-based/pigment ink for consumer use inkjet printers and also by implementing Fujifilm's synthetic chemistry and technology for dispersal and processing raw materials.

FUJIFILM Dimatix,Inc.

Established in 1984 under the name "Spectra". It later grew rapidly as the world's number one printhead manufacturer under the corporate name "Dimatix". Being acquired by Fujifilm in 2006, the company became a great pillar that supports the inkjet business. Among the many lineups, the "SAMBA" is known worldwide as a high resolution printhead manufactured using the high precision MEMS technology.

Fujifilm Advanced Marking Research Laboratories

A state-of-the-art laboratory established to bring about innovation unique to Fujifilm in the field of color marking where diversification of methodology and the expansion of market are taking place. Fujifilm's color material technology, device technology, equipment development technology developed over the years have been fused to provide a variety of industries, not limited to the printing industry, with a high-speed high-quality inkjet print system. The research results are shared with partner companies as feedback. The laboratory makes daily efforts to bring innovation to "printhead handling technology", "marking process technology", such as drying and settling of ink, and "image processing technology".

Fujifilm Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Utilizing advanced organic material technology at the Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories, materials for coloring and additives are being developed. Contributed to the wide dissemination of marketed ink jet printers by unveiling the color retardation mechanism of the dye used for ink and greatly increasing the ozone resistance. The results were highly praised not only within the industry but also from the academic world.