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Inks and Coatings


Fujifilm can provide any type of UV ink for any type of substrate. Our expertise and in-house mixing facility will leave no question unanswered and our technical specialists with vast experience will be more than happy to answer any question thrown at them.

A new standard in Conventional and UV inks

The D - TECH S INK series process inks are manufactured in accordance with European and Japanese colour standards. The raw materials used in D - TECH S series ink formulations have been carefully chosen and combined to give optimised performance on a wide range of presses whilst offering the printer a standard product.

The D - TECH S series inks are designed to offer superior performance on today’s multi-unit high speed perfecting presses. They are suitable for running on a wide range of papers without piling or picking problems.

D - TECH S offset inks offer the printer a user friendly inkand quality improvements in areas such as gloss, rub resistance, damping solution tolerance and stability at high printing speeds.

Sheetfed Inks

D - TECH S process inks are suitable for fast work and turn and further process. The very fast setting properties offer excellent performance in the stack and allow minimal amounts of spray powder to be used. Despite the fast setting, D - TECH process inks exhibit very good roller stability with minimal piling and less skinning. They are suitable for all sheetfed process and damping units in particular for high speed multi-colour presses.

D – TECH S process inks stand out because of their high color strength, excellent dot reproduction and superb press performance.

Key Features

  • Fast setting an Non-Skinning
  • Good performance in the stack with minimal spray powder
  • Stable ink/water balance with all sheetfed fountain solutions both with and without alcohol
  • Good gloss on suitable substrates
  • Good rub resistance
  • Suitable for infrared drying
  • Good dot reproduction

UV Inks

Optimized for packing such as Metal paper, PP, various films, etc.

Key Features

  • Vivid color reproducibility Superior dot reproducibility by reinforced viscoelasticity, sharp dot prints it out with vivid color.
  • Superb emulsifying property Stabilizes water window to make initial emulsion velocity and capacity up. Improved water absorption, excellent workability, even quality is increased during printing.
  • High receptivity Excellent color reproducibility and receptivity at various substrates.
  • Stable workability Adhesive property and thickness are improved to reduce printing problems according to various substrates. Misting or drying on a roller for possible issues are improved so that printing is possible in the pleasant workspace.