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FUJINON Long Range Multi-Purpose Camera


The fusion of our vast lens manufacturing technology and our cutting edge image processing technology cultivated in our digital cameras has resulted in our new SX camera series.

SX Series PV

Wide range of uses

for Security

Airport surveillance

Construction site surveillance

Border and port surveillance, construction site surveillance, etc.

The SX series allows for long range surveillance of many vital areas such as borders, harbors, maritime, airports and vital infrastructure facilities.  In addition it is also possible to shoot small and fast moving targets such as drones using the ultra high speed AF.

for Disaster Prevention

Forest fire


Flood disasters


Detecting disasters such as forest fires, flood, and eruptions

The SX series allows you to take advantage of the telephoto performance to quickly confirm and monitor disasters such as forest fires, flood & eruptions from a safe & remote location.  This could prove vital when human lives may be in harms way.

for Inspection

Wind turbine inspection

Transmission line inspection

Wind turbine inspection&Transmission line inspection, etc.

Thanks to high operational accuracy the inspection of objects can be made quickly & reliably.  Our SX series gives a greater advantage to "visual inspection."  This cuts down on man hours and improves safety of employees in some cases.

for Entertainment

Theme park

Astronomical observation

Taking advantage of the characteristics of the SX, a new image expression

The long range capabilities of the SX series can provide a new expressive style in a wide range of "entertainment" fields such as long-range photography, astronomical observation, sports & sightseeing spots that are limited by conventional cameras.


Super telephoto

Surveillance, Inspection of high places and dangerous areas are also telephoto

The wide range of focal lengths including super telephoto makes the inspection of high altitudes or dangerous areas more safe versus conventional inspections conducted by people.

High-performance image stabilization

Compatible for use on vehicles and in windy conditions

As you can see in the video, our high performance optical stabilization greatly reduces blurring in natural settings such as surveillance from a tower, inspections on the sea or monitoring a forest.

Shooting in the dark

Supports nighttime surveilance and inspection

The SX can shoot an object in low light without an illuminator.   When used with an illuminator the object can be seen even more clearly.

High speed AF system

Detect objects at high speed

High speed auto focus allows the SX to capture objects at a very high rate of speed.  The camera is also equipped with continuing AF that tracks objects of interest.

Fog reduction

Vivid correction with original image processing technology

When fog is present and making scenes challenging to see with the naked eye the SX series possesses unique technology that can easily cut through the fog and correct the scene.  

Product Lineup


New model born after SX800

Longer range? No problem the new SX1600 covers a focal range from 40mm wide-angle to 1600mm on the telephoto side.  The digital zoom allows you to cover a range up to 3200mm.


First generation SX

The first generation SX camera covers a focal range from 20mm wide-angle to 800mm on the telephoto end.  The digital zoom takes you all the way out to 1600mm.