Synapse® CardioVascular


Handles various images and information in cardiology department.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Synapse Cardiovascular helps cardiologists in a variety of clinical areas efficiently and confidently interpret exceptional images with streamlined workflow, image review and reporting. With full image management and reporting capabilities, and tools designed specifically for nuclear cardiology, vascular ultrasound, ECG management, echocardiography and cardiac catheterization workflows, Fujifilm's Synapse Cardiovascular is an essential addition to any clinical workplace.

FUJIFILM Australia’s cardiology team has the best credentials in the region!

The FUJIFILM Australia cardiovascular personnel have been responsible for implementing cardiovascular systems in over 30 hospitals and many more private practices, in Australia and New Zealand. The majority of these implementations are integrated to a range of other health systems and cardiology devices.

We operate a dedicated support service for our Australian and New Zealand customers, manned by our experienced software personnel, and rarely do we need to escalate to our international support services.

We understand there are a number of excellent medical equipment and software vendors in the market that our current and future customers use to service their health facility. And, we interface/connect to their software and/or equipment to deliver the best cardiology solution.

Synapse 3D

Enhance your workflow and diagnostic confidence with Synapse 3D. Advanced tools and full integration with Synapse Cardiovascular expand your capabilities without adding complexity.

ECG Management

With a variety of pre-configured and customizable templates, Synapse Cardiovascular simplifies reporting for electrocardiography procedures, and digital integration facilitates faster turnaround time for final reports. Other user-friendly features, such as a side-by-side viewing tool that enables comparison of rest and stress echocardiograms, and stress nuclear cardiology, enhance image review ease and accuracy.

Cardiac Catheterization

Create detailed procedural reports in record time with Synapse Cardiovascular's diagram-driven graphical interfaces. Templates are pre-populated with lesion and device data. Data from previous data lesion diagrams is easily transferrable to current diagrams. Fully integrated with third-party hemodynamic monitoring systems, Synapse Cardiovascular provides cardiac catheterization specialists with immediate access to wave forms and clinical information.


Echo lab workflows benefit from Synapse Cardiovascular's single-click measurements and flexible reporting capabilities. More than 400-ASE default cardiac measurements and calculations are available for on- or off-line analysis, and data from acquisition devices can be transferred to Synapse Cardiovascular to automatically populate reports. Pre-configured and customizable reports offer the option to add comments and embed images, and Synapse Cardiovascular's wall motion scoring intelligence significantly reduces read and report time.

Nuclear Cardiology

With clinical visualization applications driven by Invia's Corridor 4DM SPECT, customizable viewing options and a database populated with common imaging protocols, Synapse Cardiovascular offers nuclear cardiologists comprehensive user-specific processing and reviewing features. ICANL-compliant reporting functions allow clinicians to use pre-configured and customizable templates.

Vascular Ultrasound

Synapse Cardiovascular provides optimized analysis capabilities and reporting functions for vascular ultrasound studies. Interactive diagrams, freehand drawing tools, customized comments and site-defined macros allow clinicians to analyze images efficiently. Synapse Cardiovascular also offers a variety of pre-configured, SVU- and ICAVL-based report templates, in addition to numerous customizable physiologic ultrasound report templates, for increased reporting efficiency.