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[photo] Monitor with 3 CT images of brain on screen

FCT PixelShine


Imaging processing software provides clear and natural CT images through deep learning.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Patient-friendly Examination

Low dose CT

In both NPS of FCT PixelShine and actual acquisitions, no peak shift was observed. This fact indicates that FCT PixelShine's noise reduction introduces NO blurriness as is the case with acquiring images with difference dose levels.

FCT PixelShine

CTDI vol : 30.8mGy

Compared to FBP and IR, FCT PixelShine image has high contrast and SNR with thin slice thickness.

Head (Non Helical)




Low kV CT

Low kV scanning enables to acquire high contrast image, but generally the Signal noise ratio is decreased. FCT PixelShine processing is able to reduce the image noise, and this may enable to reduce the volume of the contrast media.

Abdomen(80kV CTDIvol : 5.3mGy 1mm)



Ultra Low dose CT

0.2 mGy is equivalent to a chest X-ray image and is about 1/10 radiation dose compared to the current lung cancer screening.
FCT PixelShine successfully cleaned up noise in the image.

Lung HRCT(CTDIvol : 0.2mGy 1mm)