October 6, 2022

FUJIFILM Europe launches new software for SCALE EYE[1], a real-time virtual scale function to aid endoscopists in estimating the size of lesions in the colon

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FUJIFILM Europe GmbH has launched the new software EW10-VM01 for SCALE EYE real-time virtual scale function (“SCALE EYE”), designed to help endoscopists estimate the size of lesions in the colon. SCALE EYE is the latest technology to be launched as part of the ELUXEO Ultra platform, delivering a comprehensive package for endoscopists.

Endoscopists are facing increased demand due to the growing incidence of colorectal cancer across Europe. Colorectal cancer accounted for 12.7% of all new cancer diagnoses in Europe in 2020, making it the second most frequently occurring cancer.  Early detection and diagnosis of cancer and pre-cancerous lesions have been proven to significantly reduce the complexity of treatment and improve patients’ outcomes.  

When deciding on therapeutic intervention within the colon, such as resect and discard, EMR, and ESD, lesion size is considered one of the important factors.  However, it is not always straightforward to estimate lesion size in the endoscopic field of view.

Fujifilm has developed SCALE EYE, a function designed to aid endoscopists in estimating the size of lesions in the colon. By simply pressing the endoscope switch, SCALE EYE is activated to support the endoscopist to determine the size of the lesion within the endoscopic field of view.

How SCALE EYE works

The SCALE EYE system includes the newly developed endoscope EC-760S-A/M, L, which is equipped with a class 1 laser. The laser point is visible within the endoscopic image. The position of the laser point changes relative to the distance between the tip of endoscope and the object. Depending on this laser point position, the scale interval size adjusts automatically.


  1. SCALE EYE is a Fujifilm brand name of function to support size estimation by virtual scale. To enable SCALE EYE, the EC-760S-A/M and EC-760S-A/L colonoscopes which are equipped with a red laser are used in combination with the “Endoscopy Support Program EW10-VM01.”
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User interface
Scale size is selectable from 5mm, 10mm, and 20mm, and the activation and the deactivation of the function can be simply operated by the endoscope switch.

The virtual scale is displayed on the same endoscopic monitor in real-time and does not require a separate monitor.

The software for SCALE EYE (EW10-VM01) can be installed in the expansion unit EX-1, which can also be used to utilize CAD EYE   Detection and Characterization.

Saskia Papa, Senior Product Manager at FUJIFILM Europe GmbH said

“SCALE EYE is yet another technological leap forward in the fight against colorectal cancer by targeting challenges faced by colonoscopists. It is widely known that whilst detection and accurate characterization of lesions has an impact on the occurrence of interval cancers, accurate measurement of lesions is vital in not only assigning appropriate surveillance intervals but also to determine the most appropriate course of therapy. With SCALE EYE, we have a real chance to further support physicians in improving the quality of colonoscopy, from screening through to treatment and to ultimately improve the lives of patients. 
About Fujifilm in Europe

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About ELUXEO Ultra

Fujifilm’s Eluxeo Ultra system is one of the first endoscopy platforms to detect and characterize lesions in real-time. It enhances Fujifilm‘s existing ELUXEO system by incorporating SCALE EYE, a real-time virtual scale function designed to aid endoscopists in estimating the size of lesions in the colon, and ColoAssist PRO, our real-time endoscope visualisation system to deliver a comprehensive package for endoscopists. These are the latest additions to the ELUXEO Ultra family of endoscopy technologies, which follow the launch of CAD EYE, a colon polyp detection and characterisation function utilising AI technology. The ELUXEO Ultra platform will accommodate a range of future tools and technologies as they evolve, so Fujifilm’s best endoscopy system for patients today, will remain so tomorrow.