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Diagnostic Workstation



Multi-Modality Image diagnosis workstation displays high- resolution digital mammography images with multiple ideal functions.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Smart mammography workstation for streamlined workflow and precise diagnosis

Mammography (2D/Tomosynthesis/Comparisons with prior images)

Support for users in conducting diagnosis with reading protocols tailored to mammographic diagnosis and smooth image displays. Customization for reading protocols includes configuration for making comparisons of current and prior images and for S-views synthesized from tomosynthesized images of AMULET Innovality.

Imaging modalities

Values for ROI and X-ray gauging can be obtained from the information in each imaging modality.

ROI (Region of interest)

Time intensity curve


Useful functions

Snapshot function: The display conditions, order, and scale factor of each image can be stored on the computer and re- displayed in the same condition.

Other functions

No. Indications Contents
1 File Check whether examined image exists on the server
2 Protect Mark image if it is not to be moved or deleted
3 Report Check whether a report exists
4 Study Date of the exam
5 ID Patient ID
6 Name Name of the patient (first, middle, and last name)
7 Sex Sex of the patient
8 Modality Type of modality
9 Report Status Status of the report
10 Acc No Accession number

Products Name : AMULET BellusⅡ(Model name : MIS-1000)