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New multipurpose TV camera zoom lens FUJINON HA18×5.5

—Delivering 18× zoom from 5.5mm wide angle for powerful footage in any scenes

April 3, 2014

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced that it will release the portable multipurpose TV camera zoom lens “FUJINON HA18 × 5.5” (hereinafter “HA18×5.5”) in late June 2014. This new addition to the company’s lineup of HDTV lenses for TV cameras offers 18× zoom from 5.5mm on the wide angle end to capture footage with a powerful impact for a versatile range of scenes.

[Image]Product image “FUJINON HA18×5.5

With the proliferation of digital TV broadcasting in Japan and western nations, HD*-capable production equipment has become the mainstream at television production sites. Also in emerging economies, which are currently undergoing digital transition, the increased production of TV contents in premium image quality has surged the demand for HD-capable equipment. Amidst the given trend, Fujifilm is expanding its lineup of high-performance HDTV lenses including live production lenses for shooting at studios or covering live sport events, as well as lightweight portable lenses convenient for on-site use.

The all-new HA18×5.5 is a portable HDTV lens compatible with 2/3” sensor Bayonet mount** cameras, covering the focal lengths of 5.5mm on the wide angle end to 100mm on the telephoto end. It features high-precision large-diameter aspheric elements, designed with Fujifilm’s proprietary cutting-edge optical simulation technology, achieving sharpness at the center as well as all corners to deliver edge-to-edge premium image quality.
The HA18×5.5 lets you approach objects up to a minimum distance of 40cm. With the use of the built-in 2× Extender***, the focal length on the telephoto end can be extended to 200mm. These features accommodate a broad range of scenes to dramatically improve on-site usability in news coverage and program content production. The lens also has built-in electric drive units for zooming and focusing. Its ergonomic design effectively reduces the physical load on camera operators during hand-held shooting. Compatibility with a 16-bit encoder*4, which outputs focus and other lens data at high resolution, enables combination with various systems such as a Virtual Studio for combining CG and live footages.

Fujinon lenses, offered by Fujifilm, are recognized for their advanced descriptive performance, contributing to latest imaging progress through their applications in the production of TV programs, movies and commercials throughout the world. Tapping into its optical technology, high-precision processing technology and assembly technology that have been nurtured over the years, Fujifilm will continue to develop and supply innovative products that meet the diverse needs of production sites.

This product is to be showcased at the broadcasting equipment exhibition “NAB 2014”, to be held in Las Vegas from April 7 to 10, 2014.

  • * Abbreviation of “High Definition”, referring to the high definition video mode based on 1080 scanning lines
  • ** A type of camera mount
  • *** Device built in the lens to extend its focal length
  • *4 Sensor that converts location data into digital signals; The data is divided at 16-bit accuracy to output zoom and focus location information in electric signals.
1. Product name :
HA18×5.5BERM (with servo zoom and manual focus)
HA18×5.5BERD (with servo zoom and servo focus)
2. Release date :
Late June 2014
3. Main features :
  1. (1) 18× zoom from wide angle 5.5mm for capturing high-impact footage
    • Covering the most useful range of focal lengths from 5.5mm on the wide angle end to 100mm on the telephoto end to dramatically improve on-site usability in a versatile range of production for news, documentaries and live sport feeds
    • Offering the minimum object distance of 40cm to accommodate indoor interviews in confined space or food / product filming
  2. (2) Use of Fujifilm’s proprietary optical technology to deliver advanced optical performance
    • Using high-precision lens elements made of specialized optical glass as well as large-diameter aspheric elements, designed with cutting-edge optical simulation technology, to provide advanced optical performance despite its compact size
    • Controlling image distortion and loss of sharpness at edges, typically seen on the wide angle side, to achieve edge-to-edge sharpness across all the zoom range
    • Using a 9-blade iris mechanism to achieve the iris shape as round as possible, enabling natural bokeh in video images
  3. (3) Mechanical design in pursuit of operability for camera operators
    • Compact and lightweight design weighing just 1.97kg*5 with the total length of 240.5 mm for high maneuverability
    • The operating rings for focusing, zooming and iris (aperture) adjustment are labeled with the original font with excellent visibility
    • *5 Weight of HA18×5.5 BERM (with Servo Zoom and manual focus) excluding the weight of the hood
  4. (4) Popular built-in drive units for enhanced hand-holdabilty
    • Ergonomic design to reduce physical load during hand-held shooting
    • 16bit encoder for connection with various virtual systems
4. Main specifications :
Model name HA18×5.5BERM / BERD
Camera specifications 2/3” sensor Bayonet Mount camera
Focal length 5.5mm - 100mm
11mm - 200mm when using the 2× Extender
Zoom ratio 18×
F No 1.8(5.5mm - 62mm) 2.9(100mm)
3.6(11mm - 124mm) 5.8(200mm) when using the 2× Extender
Minimum object distance (M.O.D) 0.4m
Object dimensions
(at the M.O.D)
[Horizontal × Vertical]
5.5mm 800mm × 450mm
100mm 44mm × 25mm
11mm 395mm × 222mm when using the 2× Extender
200mm 22mm × 12mm
Angular field of view
[Horizontal × Vertical]
5.5mm 82°10’x 52°13'
100mm 5°29’ × 3°05’
11mm 47°06’ × 27°32’ when using the 2× Extender
200mm 2°45’ × 1°33’
Filter thread size M127 × 0.75*6
Approx. size
(φ × Length)
φ95 × 240.5mm
Approx. Weight
(without lens hood)
1.97kg (BERM), 2.04kg (BERD)
  • *6 Filters are to be mounted on the hood.

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