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IGAS2015 exhibit for Fujifilm

July 29, 2015

Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems Co., Ltd. (President & Chief Representative Director: Hisanori Makaya; Hereinafter “FFGS”) today announces that it will be exhibiting at IGAS2015, an event hosted at Tokyo Big Sight, for six days from September 11th (Friday) – 16th (Wednesday).

Under the corporate message of “VALUE FROM INNOVATION” FFGS will show the passion “to face each customer and resolve issues together, making each innovation influence the entire industry, and thereby maximize the added value of printing”.

The booth floor will be comprised of the ‘commericla printing’ and ‘package printing’ zones, and inbetween the two areas, FFGS will showcase a ‘workflow system’ as the overall hub of the exhibition. The ‘commerce, publication printing’ zone will be composed of “offset printing (CTP)” and “digital press” sections, and FFGS will operate all of the five selected digital presses including the Jet Press 720S to enable visitors to see the overall workflow up to post-press processing.

One of the major attractions of the exhibition is ‘SUPERIA’ - the latest resource saving solution from FFGS showcased within the “offset printing” section of the ‘commerce, publication printing zone’. With demonstrations, examples and data, this area will illustrate how Fujifilm’s combination of offset solutions, from CTP systems, printing chemicals, software, to consultation can provide increased profitability while limiting excessive material use and reducing man-hours.

The flexible packaging UV inkjet press, showcased as a technology demonstration, is one of the eye-catching products in the ‘package printing zone’. This will provide visitors with a specific vision of how Fujifilm’s latest inkjet technology can serve as a key to resolve issues associated with short-runs and multi-product flexible packaging. The ‘package printing zone’ will also include the ‘FLENEX system’ in depth, which is a system becoming increasingly commercialized as a mainstay solution for water-based flexo printing. Extensive print samples will also be available, offering visitors a close look at the system’s fine image quality and highly practical potential.

With examples and demonstrations, the ‘workflow zone’ of the exhibition will feature the ever-developing XMF Workflow and its significant capabilities. These include the merits that will be brought to the production process from stronger MIS collaboration using ‘XMF Controller’, the increase in efficiency levels regarding imposition and page layout with FFGS’s new ‘PHOENIX’ software, as well as the use of related software.

[Primary exhibition products]

<Commerce, publication printing zone>


Visitors are encouraged to take a look at FFGS’s resource saving solution ‘SUPERIA’ - a brand announced at Print China in April consisting of products ranging from the CTP systems to printing chemicals and consultation. Making use of demonstrations, examples and data, this zone will illustrate the “cost reduction = profitability improvement” benefit that results from “reducing the use of main materials (e.g. paper and inks)”, “streamlining workflow (i.e. shortening the duration of work)”, and “reducing the man-hours involved”.

  • SUPERIA series
    • SUPERIA ZP: Fully processless thermal CTP system
    • SUPERIA XP thermal CTP plate: Thermal CTP system
    • PRESSMAX: Environmentally-friendly printing chemicals
    • Eco & Fast Printing: Support solution to facilitate improvements in the printing process
    • Hybrid workflow XMF: Ink saving function
      TAFFETA/high-definition screening: New generation FM screening

The ‘commerce, publication printing’ zone will showcase selective systems that customers can choose according to their business strategies. The lineup will include the Jet Press 720S, a B2 inkjet digital press that provides reproducibility, productivity, and functionality all at once, and the Xerox Versant™ 2100 Press, a system that can manage 100 pages/minute at high-speed and with full-color output even with heavy paper. The zone will operate all models at full capacity to demonstrate the output process colour managed with high precision including the post-press process.

  • Jet Press 720S: B2 inkjet digital press
  • Xerox Versant™ 2100 Press
  • Xerox Color 1000i Press
  • Xerox DocuColor 1450 GA
  • Acuity LED 1600: Wide-format LED UV printer
  • Uvijet KV: High-elongation UV ink for LuxelJet/Acuity Advance

<Package printing zone>


With the advanced flexible packaging UV inkjet press, the solutions presented in the ‘package printing zone’ will portray how the latest Fujifilm inkjet technologies can address short-runs and multi-product issues associated with flexible packaging. Also showcased is the most recent information about the ‘FLENEX system’, which is a solution for water-based flexo printing. This zone will showcase many different print samples for visitors to see the system’s fine image qualities and highly practical capabilities.

  • UV inkjet press for flexible packaging
  • FLENEX system: Flexographic plate system
  • GP-PRIMOJET: Fine jet proofer for package printing
    • FLENEX DLE Setter: Direct laser-engraving
    • FLENEX FD series: DLE flexo plates
    • FLENEX FW series: Water-washable flexo plates

<Workflow zone>


Showcased in this zone along are software collaborations and the outstanding functionalities of XMF Workflow, a solution that serves as the hub of commerce, publication and package printing. Presented features of ‘SUPERIA’ will include its ink-saving benefits and the capability to streamline development pagination with the functions of FFGS’s new PHOENIX software. Many different samples will be prepared in this zone to demonstrate the high practical capabilities of PHOENIX.

  • FUJIFILM WORKFLOW XMF V6.1: Next-generation hybrid workflow system
  • XMF Remote R10.1: Web portal system
  • XMF ColorPath: Cloud-based colour management system
  • XMF Controller: Software to strengthen collaborations with MIS
  • PHOENIX: Imposition and page layout software for packaging
  • FormMagic 4: Multifunction variable/auto-composing software
  • iAutolay Magic VI.2: Template-based web content editing/order-taking and placing system
  • PRIMOJET: Fine jet proofer