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Notice of Compatibility of Digital Cameras and Application Software with Microsoft Windows10.

July 29, 2015
Updated:October 2, 2015

We are checking the compatibility of the digital cameras and the application software mentioned below with Microsoft Windows10. Once we complete the check, we will inform you of its result.

Digital cameras which are being checked
  • FUJIFILM X series cameras
  • FinePix series cameras which were launched on 2010 or later
Application software which are being checked
  • MyFinePix Studio installer
  • RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 powered by SILKYPIX installer
  • PC AutoSave installer
  • Tethered Shooting Software HS-V5 for Windows installer
  • Tethered Capture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom installer


  • We don't have a plan to check digital cameras and application software other than ones mentioned above.
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