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Fujifilm launches new version FUJIFILM Camera Remote that supports all of FUJIFILM wireless-equipped digital cameras.

15 January 2016

Fujifilm Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) will launch a new version FUJIFILM Camera Remote for your smartphones* or tablets* which supports all of FUJIFILM wireless-equipped digital cameras**. The FUJIFILM Camera Remote is an application which can operate wireless-equipped digital cameras by remote control to shoot images and to view images and movies in the camera and to transfer them to smartphones or tablets. And it is also possible to add location information acquired by the smartphone or tablet to the image.
FUJIFILM Camera remote is now a unified app with improved operation which supports all functions of FUJIFILM camera application or FUJIFILM photo receiver which also supports FUJIFILM wireless-equipped digital cameras. Whether you use with a FinePix series or X series, one app is now all you need.

  • * Android™, smartphone and table devices, iPhone / iPad.
  • ** Above feature varies depending on what camera you use.
[ Application Version ]


[ How to download ]

Download this app from the App Store*4 or Google Play*5.

App Store

Google Play

[ Supported cameras and supporting features ]
[ Features ]
    -This application provides the following functions:
  1. 1. Transferring images and movies to a Smartphone
  2. 2. Browsing the Camera from a Smartphone
  3. 3. Downloading Location Data from a Smartphone
  4. 4. Shooting Images by Remote Control

[ Supported cameras and supporting functions ]

[ Supporting functions: 1, 2, 3, 4 ]

FUJIFILM X-Pro2, X-E2S, X70, X-T10, X-T1, X30, X100T, X-E2(firmware version 3.00 or later),
FinePix F1000EXR, S1, XP90, XP80, S9900W, S9950W

[ Supporting functions: 1, 2, 3 ]

FUJIFILM X-E2(firmware version 1.00-2.10), XQ2, XQ1, X-A2, X-A1, X-M1 FinePix F900EXR, F800EXR, Z2000EXR, Z1100EXR, XP200, XP70, S9400W, S8400W, S8450W, S8200W

[ Supporting functions: 1 ]

FinePix Z1000, XP170

[ Smartphone System Requirements ]

iPhone/iPad/iPod touch: iOS 5.1.1 - 9.1

  • *** iPad WiFi, iPod touch can not use the Geotagging.
[ Improvements ]
  1. 1. The FUJIFILM Camera Remote now can be used to all the wireless-equipped Fujifilm digital cameras.
  2. 2. It is possible to send as many images as possible (up to 2GB) at once.
  3. 3. Added an auto selection feature to the images which are not yet transferred.
  4. 4. It is possible to view images by swiping a finger across the screen in full screen mode.

Please Visit FUJIFILM Web pages for more details and usage.

[ FUJIFILM Camera Remote Special Web site ]

  • *4 Apple App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.
  • *5 Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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