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Fujifilm received strong response from across the world at


Value-added solutions with UV inkjet presses in the field of corrugated printing

February 18, 2016

Fujifilm Graphic Systems division held the ‘GLOBAL CORRUGATED SUMMIT,’ from November 2015 to the end of January 2016, an event for introducing the latest corrugated printing* solutions based around the ‘Onset X’ series of wide-format UV inkjet presses by the British company Inca. The event toured Fujifilm showrooms around the world including UK production facility in Broadstairs, Kent.


The use of UV inkjet technology is rapidly spreading in the field of corrugated printing. It has become essential for printing businesses to offer customization and value-adding to meet customer needs, e.g. variable data printing enabling changes for each printing copy, and standalone displays. More and more brand owners are seeking customization in corrugated printing, forcing corrugated press to achieve short-run customized jobs at a lower cost, quick turnaround and superior quality.
UV inkjet technology not only facilitates customers’ needs for variable printing and value-added printing to expand their scope of business fields, but also enables ‘cost-efficient short-run printing’ and ‘inventory reduction’ to create potential for maximizing printing companies’ profitability. This means corrugated press that engage in conventional analog printing as well as companies seeking new business opportunities are starting to consider the introduction of UV inkjet press to set themselves apart from competitors. Seizing the market needs, Fujifilm made the decision to launch this event to provide attendees with everything they need to make a detailed assessment of the value of UV inkjet technology to their business.

■ Fujifilm’s UV inkjet technology enabling high-quality and value-added printing

Featuring Fujifilm’s UV inkjet technology and equipment, this event involved seminars, printing demonstrations and sample exhibitions to show how they could add values to printed materials and expand business potential.
Since 2001, Fujifilm has partnered with Inca to jointly develop wide-format UV inkjet presses. Inca’s expandable system design technology was combined with Fujifilm’s capacity to develop inkjet printheads and inks to create industry-leading advanced solutions. In the field of corrugated printing, the partnership led to the ‘Onset X series’ flatbed UV inkjet press and ‘Clnichtech’ double robot handling system to automate and improve the productivity of corrugated printing. Solving the issue of odor in conventional UV printing, Fujifilm’s UVijet OL and LM inks, developed for corrugated printing, have reduced odor equivalent to flexo printing, broadening the scope of substrate applicability and applications. This has facilitated users’ transition from analog printing.

■ Southeast Asian tour held following strong response

The CORRUGATED SUMMIT received strong response in the U.K. and Thailand. In the U.K., the Summit attracted 70 companies over the three-month period. Visitor comments included, “The display of actual equipment with a full-auto loader and numerous samples prepared in actual work helped us understand the advantages of digitizing corrugated printing” and “It was very useful to experience comprehensive solutions covering not only UV inkjet presses but also inks and post-processes.”
The event held in the ‘WFIJ Demo & Training Center’ in Thailand at late November attracted a large number of visitors from across Southeast Asia. In response, another Summit has been scheduled for Manila, the Philippines.

The need for short-run printing and quick turnaround is increasing in the field of corrugated printing. With the increase of customized needs, printing companies must deliver both creativity and efficiency in their production processes. To meet such changes in the market environment, Fujifilm will offer UV inkjet solutions, based around the ‘Onset X’ series, to provide powerful support to customers in their quest for business expansion.

  • * Corrugated printing refers to printing of corrugated boards for use in product packaging, desktop POP, standalone displays, etc.