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Optical 60x ultra zoom lens for long-range surveillance FUJINON D60x16.7SR series combined with a newly developed format converter lens to support the 2/3-inch sensor while maintaining full HD capability.

World's longest* focal length of 1200mm

February 25, 2016

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has expanded its surveillance zoom lens lineup with the launch of the D60x16.7SR Series set, which packages together the “D60x16.7SR” series of 60x long-range surveillance zoom lens and a format converter lens for use with 2/3-inch sensor security cameras. The set, designed for surveillance cameras equipped with an ultra-sensitive 2/3-inch sensor, offers the world’s longest* focal length of from 20mm to 1200mm while maintaining full-HD pictures across the zoom range.

  • * Among 20x+ full-HD surveillance lenses compatible with a 2/3-inch sensor (as of February 25, 2016 according to Fujifilm data)

The market needs for surveillance systems have shifted from the ability to merely “see” to the capability to “identify” subjects. For long-range surveillance of national borders, ports, industrial plants and forests in particular, users are increasingly adopting cameras equipped with an ultra-sensitive 2/3-inch sensor to enable color surveillance even at night and improve the performance of subject recognition. Targeting such security cameras, Fujifilm is releasing the FUJINON D60x16.7SR Set, packaging together the 60x zoom surveillance lens and the format conversion adapter specifically designed for the lens.

Features of D60x16.7SR series set

1) Combined with the format converter lens:

  • The Optical 60x zoom delivers from 20mm to the world longest* focal length maintaining full-HD image quality throughout the zoom range with supporting the 2/3-inch sensor.
  • The built-in 2x extender extends the focal length from 1200mm to 2400mm, offering the capability to clearly recognize the movements of a person standing approx. 4km away.

2) With and without the format converter lens:

  • The D60x16.7SR Series is for day and night use, providing sharp and clear images around the clock even at night or dusk, when the setting sun normally compromises camera vision.
  • In an environment that has large temperature fluctuations seasonally and between day and night, the camera focus could drift with the change of temperatures. The D60x16.7 is equipped with Temperature Correction Mechanism in which a sensor constantly measures the ambient temperature and automatically fine-tunes focus shift to deliver sharp images at all times.
  • When coupled with a near infrared camera, frequently used in long-range surveillance, the lens can switch between the visible light blocking filter, which dehazes images in poor visibility conditions such as rain and mist.
  • The two-stage ND filter, which cuts down light input when monitoring an extremely bright subject, thereby supplying images of a higher level of recognition even in tough surveillance conditions.

Another lens compatible with the 2/3-inch sensor is the long-range 32x zoom “FUJINON FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1 (up to 500mm)”, released in January 2016, capable of delivering full-HD pictures across its zoom range. Users can choose between these options depending on desired surveillance range.

Fujifilm will showcase this product at the 19th Security Show 2016, a comprehensive exhibition on security and safety management to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 8 to 11, 2016. Exhibition site

Booth SS3504
East Exhibition Halls 2 and 3, Tokyo Big Sight (at 3-10-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)

1. Product names, release date, price

Product name Release date Price
FUJINON D60x16.7SR4DE-V21 Set (analog control) February 25, 2016 Open
FUJINON D60x16.7SR4DE-V23S Set (analog control, optical axis adjustment, strengthened base )
FUJINON D60x16.7SR4DE-ZP1A Set (serial communication, AF built-in)
FUJINON D60x16.7SR4DE-ZP1C Set (serial communication, AF, optical image stabilization built-in)

2. Main specifications of the D60x16.7SR4DE-V21 Set (fitted with the format conversion adapter for cameras equipped with a 2/3-inch sensor)

Product name D60x16.7SR4DE-V21Set
Resolution Full-HD 2MP**
Sensor size (max) 2/3”
Focal length 20.0 - 1200mm
Magnification 60x
Aperture range (F No.) F4.2-F19.2
Focus range ∞ - 5m
Iris type Auto(DC type)or remote
2/3” sensor 4 : 3 Horizontal WIDE 23.03°
TELE 0.42°
Vertical WIDE 17.67°
TELE 0.32°
Diagonal WIDE 27.97°
TELE 0.52°
16:9 Horizontal WIDE 24.87°
TELE 0.45°
Vertical WIDE 14.57°
TELE 0.25°
Diagonal WIDE 27.97°
TELE 0.52°
Body size
(H x W x L)
137 x 154 x 382mm
Weight 6.6kg
  • ** Maximum for the 2/3-inch sensor
  • *** The product’s specifications and exterior view are as of the time of release (February 25, 2016) and are subject to change without advance notice.

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