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Introducing the Acuity Select 20 Series, a new wide-format UV inkjet printers

Option of light colors and a range of additional new features offer customers another step up in quality, operability and productivity

February 26, 2016

Fujifilm has released the new Acuity Select 20 series, which maintains all the advantages of the popular and highly acclaimed Acuity Advance Select series including near-photographic image quality, versatility with broad applications and ease of use, while also introducing additional ink colors and expanding printer functions.

The Acuity brand combines the VariaDot technology and dedicated UV inks to deliver the highest level of image quality for versatile applications. For over 8 years, it has been the industry standard in the mid-range wide-format category all around the world. The new Acuity Select 20 series is available in three channel variations (4, 6 & 8 channels), and includes the option of using light cyan and light magenta.
It will also be available in both the standard (98.4” x 49.2”) and x2 (98.4” x 121.3”) print-bed sizes, allowing users to choose the optimum combination according to usage and application. Furthermore, the roll media option is available to use the printer as hybrid device compatible with roll, sheet and rigid media. The new features offered by the series will not only enhance its applications in the signage and display segment but also enable specialty and industrial printers currently using analogue print technologies to easily make the transition to digital printing to help improve production flexibility and enhance profitability.

The Acuity Select 20 Series and Uvistar Hybrid 320 (reference exhibit only) will be premiered at FESPA Digital 2016, to be held in Amsterdam from March 8 to 11, 2016, under the theme of “Beyond Traditional Graphic POS & Signage”. The exhibition will feature demonstrations and sample displays for the Acuity Select 20 series as well as showcasing a variety of 3D and vacuum-formed samples that offer high added values in order to present the series' new applications.


Acuity Select 20 Series' main features

1. Improved print quality

The addition of light cyan and light magenta inks further boosts the reproduction of highlight-to-midtone textures and gradations in visual arts, photographs and illustrations.

2. Improved operability, productivity and media compatibility

The addition and enhancement of the following functions further increase operability, productivity and media compatibility.

  • Use of a large pin registration mechanism and six vacuum zones for improved media handling
  • Greater vacuum suction and the use of infrared light technology for cutting out more infrared light to prevent media lifting

3. Improved serviceability (optional)

The optional Auto Maintenance system automates and simplifies printhead cleaning, removing the read to manually.

Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide innovative solutions that address market needs around the world to contribute to expanding customers' business and increasing their profitability.