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Fujifilm Launches New Technical Organizations to Strengthen and Further Accelerate Wider Applications for Production Process Technology in Growth Areas

Bio-Science & Technology Development Center that Covers Stages from Fundamental Bio-Medical Research through to Production Process Development
Process Engineering & Technology Center to Develop Production Process Technology applied in Innovative Precision Manufacturing

February 28, 2018

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that it will launch two new organizations on March 1. The Bio-Science & Technology Development Center is a new organization which aims to cover stages from fundamental research through to production process development for the purpose of promoting the research and development of biopharmaceuticals. The Process Engineering & Technology Center will develop core technology for innovative manufacturing and production process technology to support new business development. Both of these new organizations are intended to further strengthen Fujifilm's production process technology in growth areas and accelerate the wider application of the technology.

Through decades of involvement with photographic film, Fujifilm not only acquired the capacity to develop highly-functional materials such as color pigments but also the advanced production process technology. This includes technology required to control reactions between materials in micro-order spaces in order to create the desired structure and functionality. Another example is the technology required to scale up production to achieve high-quality mass production. In addition to further advancing its production process technology to strengthen its manufacturing base, Fujifilm is also looking to apply its production process technology to new fields. In the field of bio-science, the Fujifilm group is combining Fujifilm's production process technology with the top-level knowledge and know-how on various cell types held by Fujifilm group companies such as Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDB), a bio-pharmaceutical CDMO*, Cellular Dynamics International, a leader in the field of iPS cell development and manufacture and Japan Tissue Engineering Co. Ltd. (J-TEC), the first company to commercialize regenerative medicine products in Japan. The fusion of these proprietary technologies and know-how is now resulting in significant increases in cell culturing efficiency.
The launch of the following two organizations on March 1 aims to accelerate research and development in the bio-science field by enhancing the application and development of production process technology as well as developing the technology that forms Fujifilm's innovative manufacturing base and the production process technology that supports its creation of new businesses.

New Organizations

1. Bio-Science & Technology Development Center

(1) Role

  • The new Bio-Science & Technology Development center will bring together personnel involved in cell research and the development of production processes for a wide variety of Fujifilm's fields including bio-pharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine. It will create integrated systems that can take responsibility for stages of research and development from fundamental cell research through to the development of technology required for the mass production of commercial products. The center aims to facilitate speedy and more efficient research and development in bio-pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine fields through initiatives such as commencing the development of cultivation processes appropriate for particular cell strains as early as the fundamental research stage in order to more efficiently achieve eventual mass production.
  • The center will become a hub for Fujifilm Group's biopharmaceutical research and development and supply the results of its research to Fujifilm Group companies in the bio-tech field including FDB, CDI and J-TEC, further bolstering the group's competitive strength.

(2) Location
Kaisei, Kanagawa, Japan
The Bio-Science & Technology Development Center will be located in Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories.

2. Process Engineering & Technology Center

(1) Role

  • The Process Engineering & Technology Center will develop the innovative production process technology that will form the core of future precision manufacturing and the production process technology required to support the development of future new businesses. The center will further enhance Fujifilm's existing process technologies including technologies for precisely controlling reactions between different functional materials in order to design the desired structures and functionalities such as the multi-layer precision coating technology that can be used to simultaneously apply multiple coatings with particular functional properties of the micro-level. These advances will evolve current production processes into new, even more innovative means of production.
  • The center will become a hub for Fujifilm Group's process technology development, supplying its research to companies throughout the group as a shared companywide technology platform, which can be expected to further strengthen the group's precision manufacturing capability and facilitate even more rapid and efficient production.

(2) Location
Minamiashigara, Kanagawa, Japan
The Process Engineering & Technology Center will be located at the Kanagawa Plant's Ashigara Site.

In addition to further advancing the diverse range of sophisticated technology developed over the years by Fujifilm and its group companies, Fujifilm is committed to providing new value to society through development of innovative products created through advanced proprietary technology.

  • * A Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization is a company/organization responsible for developing manufacturing processes or manufacturing products under contract from a third party. CDMOs provide pharmaceutical companies with a broad range of services covering various fields from the development of cell strains in the early stages of pharmaceutical development through to process development, safety testing, the development and manufacture of reagents, and the manufacture of final commercial products.

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