FUJIFILM donates machine parts to ROC training institute

December 12, 2020

ROC training institute

In December, FUJIFILM donated various components to the ROC education institute. This is an institute that offers various MBO studies, including a large technical department.

Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V. and the ROC have been working together for years. A large part of our employees have received their technical education at the ROC, only at that time it was still called the MTS. Every year, Fujifilm offers internships for students of Process Technology and Mechatronics.

At the ROC, a new practice room has been set up to prepare the students for the real work in practice. However, the ROC missed some parts that would make the space even more complete.

Koen de Haan (development officer FUJIFILM) explains:

"After an inventory within our offset plates factory, we could quite well miss some unused parts. A great opportunity to take old parts off the line and give them a new life at the ROC. Together with some students from the ROC, the Maintenance department removed the desired parts from an old part of the production line. You have to think about this: Flow meters, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors, valves, pipelines and tanks. The ROC bus was quickly filled! The ROC is very happy with this and so is FUJIFILM of course. We do not want to throw away expensive equipment and Fujifilm is happy to contribute to the next generation of technical colleagues."