Jet Press 750S investment was the obvious next step for Aries in Fujifilm partnership

March 19, 2020

Antonio Martin, CEO, Aries

Antonio Martin, CEO, Aries

Founded in 1974, Aries Grupo de Comunicación is today a full-service commercial print business, producing a huge range of products, from books and calendars, to brochures, catalogues and packaging. In the summer of 2019 the company made the decision to invest in a Fujifilm Jet Press 750S in order to keep pace with growing customer demand for high-quality short-run work.

“We’ve always been storytellers here,” says the company’s CEO Antonio Martin. “And we’re very proud of our own story that has brought us to where we are today – through the good times and the challenges that have shaped who we are as a business along the way.
“One of the biggest challenges we have ever faced was the 2008 financial crisis, and our response to that challenge changed the course of our story forever. We created the “Union Project”: five print companies under one roof, pooling resources, collaborating and together offering a full, in-house service – from design, to marketing, to production, to storage and logistics.
“By thinking creatively and working together, we not only weathered the financial crisis and the recession that followed, we set ourselves up to respond much more effectively to the rapidly changing demands of our industry in the long term. We're seeing increasing demands for high-quality short-run work, and customers typically expect to receive orders much faster now than ever before. Delivering all of this, while keeping costs down and prices competitive is an ongoing challenge - and being able to support each other within the Union Project is hugely beneficial.
“Fujifilm and their distribution partner in Spain, Cyan, have been another major part of our success story, and that of the Union Project, providing us with plates and CTP equipment, and a consistently high level of service and support for more than 20 years. When we saw a need to invest in a new digital print solution to meet growing customer demand for high quality short-run work, the Jet Press was the obvious choice, not just because of the technology – which is second-to-none – but because Fujifilm is a company that we already have complete confidence in. We knew that in making this investment we weren’t just buying a product – but building our already strong partnership.
“We work with our own customers in the same way,” Martin continues. “They have always been focused on three things: speed, quality and price, and meeting those core requirements has always been critical. In recent times though, we’ve increasingly noticed that these three things alone are not enough. Our customers now want more from us: consultancy, advice and support. We’ve adapted our business to meet those expectations, and in Fujifilm we have a partner who does the same thing for us.
“The Jet Press is the logical next step in our Fujifilm partnership. The speed with which we can turnaround high-quality short-run work has improved significantly and this opens up the opportunity to reach new customers and new markets.
“We’ve proven our ability to adapt to life’s challenges over the years and in Fujifilm we have a partner who is with us on that journey for the long haul.”

Luis González Caridad, Director General of Cyan, says: “We’ve been working closely with Aries for many years, and we’re delighted that they have chosen to continue to work with us, and with Fujifilm, to take their digital print capabilities to the next level. We look forward to continuing to work with them for years to come.”

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