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March 4, 2021

Fujifilm launches “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000”

-New high-brightness model capable of throwing bright 8000 lumen images to join the Z Series of ultra-short throw projectors featuring the world’s first “folded two-axial rotatable lens”
-Class-leading compact and lightweight design to enable versatile spatial presentation at commercial facilities

TOKYO, March 4, 2021 ― FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the launch of the “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000 (FP-Z8000)” in March, 2021, joining the lineup of the Z Series of ultra-short throw projectors equipped with the world’s first “folded two-axial rotatable lens.”

The FP-Z8000 is a high-brightness projector capable of projecting images in 8000 lumens (lm) of brightness. Its class-leading*1 compact and lightweight design accommodates installation in a wide variety of conditions. Images can be projected at various directions without having to move the main unit. Its ability to throw large images from a close-up distance enables spatial presentation that makes effective use of limited space. 

[Image]“FP-Z8000” black/“FP-Z8000” white

Projectors are used in a wide variety of situations including offices and educational institutions. In recent years, opportunities have expanded to include projectors in digital signage at commercial facilities, product presentation at corporate showrooms and artwork presentation at art galleries and museums. These have increased the needs for incorporating projectors to make effective use of limited space for effective advertising and utilize ceilings and floors for spatial presentation.

Fujifilm entered into the projector market in 2019 with the launch of “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z5000 (FP-Z5000),” equipped with a “folded two-axial rotatable lens” to project images to various directions without having to move the main unit. In last July, the company developed the FP-Z8000, which inherits main features of the FP-Z5000 but delivers images in 8000lm of brightness. Since the announcement on the development of the FP-Z8000, it has won strong praise for its capability to broaden the scope of spatial presentation due to its minimal constraint for installation and throw clearly visible images even in bright locations.

【Highlights of the FP-Z8000】
  • The FP-Z8000 adopts a high-transmittance lens and a laser light source to deliver bright 8000lm images. It can project vivid high-contrast images even when used for digital signage in brightly-lit commercial facilities.
  • The optimum layout of components inside the main body enables a class-leading compact (W460mm x D510mm x H162.5mm*2) and lightweight (weighing approx. 18.4kg) design. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally to enable spatial presentation that makes effective use of otherwise wasted space.
  • The use of the “folded two-axial rotatable lens” means the projector can throw images in various directions without having to move the main unit.
  • The projector’s ultra-short throw lens projects dynamic 100-inch images from a close-up distance of 72cm.
  • The projector features a Lens Shift function of up to 70% vertically and 35% horizontally*3, making it easy to adjust where projected images should be shown across a wide range.

Fujifilm is tapping into its advanced optical technology to develop and supply projectors with minimal installation limitations, thereby contributing to the creation of versatile spatial presentations at commercial facilities, art galleries and museums.

  • *1 Among ultra-short throw projectors equipped with a laser light source capable of projecting images in brightness of 8000lm or above (TR value of 0.4 or below) as of March 4, 2021 according to Fujifilm. The TR (Throw Ratio) value represents the ratio between the screen's width and projection distance. The smaller the TR value is, the closer the projector can throw large images onto a screen.
  • *2 Dimensions of the main body, excluding protruded sections and adjustment leg, with the lens folded in.
  • *3 A function that allows the user to adjust the position of projected images vertically and horizontally without having to move the main unit or change the lens’s direction. The percentage figures indicate the range of vertical and horizontal repositioning of projected images in relation to the height and width of an image projected on the screen when Lens Shift function is turned off.

1. Product name, color variations, release date and price

Product name Color variations Release date Price
FP-Z8000-B Black March, 2021 Open
FP-Z8000-W White


2. Main features

[Image]Lens Shift function of 70% vertically and 35% horizontally
(3) Enhanced functions for versatile image presentation
  • The FP-Z8000 has the warping function*4, which corrects distortion caused when projecting images on a curved surface, enabling spatial presentation on curved walls.
  • When up to four FP‑Z8000 projectors are used in combination to project a single larger image, Edge Blending function*4 helps adjusts the joints. Images thrown by the projectors can be naturally stitched together to produce dynamic images on a massive screen.
  • The projector offers interfaces including HDMI that supports 4K signal input*5 as well as DisplayPortTM and 3G-SDI to accommodate the development of versatile systems.
  • *4 The warping function can be used from the dedicated application of FP-Z8000.
  • *5 The port accepts 4K signal input and outputs images with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 (full HD).
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