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Acuity LED 40


The Acuity LED 40 is ultra-versatile, delivering superb performance on a wide range of rigid, flexible and roll media. Thanks to the latest LED curing technologies, it is economical to run, with a range of investment and upgrade options.

The most economical and versatile Acuity flatbed ever

The ultimate platform for printing on rigid, flexible and roll media, delivering nearphotographic quality images across a diverse range of creative applications. Acuity LED 40 printers deliver superb performance and thanks to the latest LED UV curing technologies are economical to run, with a range of investment and upgrade options.

A secure investment in proven technology

The Acuity LED 40 uses a robust, dedicated flatbed configuration incorporating the latest inkjet technologies and engineering developments to deliver outstanding, consistent print quality and reliable performance using long life, low energy LED UV lamps.

Ultra-flexible colour configurations

The Acuity LED 40 can be configured with either 4, 6 or 8 colour channels, with the channels being populated with ink sets that best suit your application needs. These include CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, white and clear. The printer also has a new high key mode, delivering productivity up to 52.8m2/hr.

Produce a wide range of applications

With excellent adhesion to a broad range of rigid and flexible media, materials and objects, the Acuity LED 40 can produce an amazing variety of printed products for distance and close viewing. The vacuum table can handle almost any rigid and flexible material, holding it perfectly flat.

Take your business into new markets

The option to print with white and clear inks, and to print directly to many different materials in perfect registration, enables the Acuity LED 40 to produce high value, creative work that could offer opportunities for new revenue. With light inks, it can also produce high quality fine art or photographic work.

Economical to use

With variable drop-size printheads and highly pigmented inks, Acuity LED 40 printers lay down a thin ink film, which minimises production costs. In addition, by using low energy, long lasting LED UV technology, the Acuity LED 40 is very economical to use.