Ultraviolet light distribution measurement film



Application examples

UV painting

UVSCALE is capable of measuring light and checking light distribution on three-dimensional objects for which illuminometers cannot be used to measure light, places in which illuminometers cannot fit, and places that are moving while light is being irradiated.
Useful for adjusting how to place products and how to irradiate light because places of three-dimensional objects that are in shadow can be checked with the color density.

UV bonding

Unevenness of UV exposure and decreases in the amount of light can be checked by observing the intensity of the color.
Allows the height and position of UV lamps to be adjusted when equipment is installed.
Allows you to check when it is time to replace lamps.

UV molding

UVSCALE is capable of visualizing light distribution on entire molding surfaces, which allows lamp layout to be designed and judgment to be carried out effectively.
UVSCALE is capable of measuring the amount of light that passes through dies and irradiates resin, which makes it possible to understand the actual amount of light and light distribution.

UV coating

UVSCALE is capable of measuring amounts of light during roll conveyance, which illuminometers cannot be used to do.
Measurement of distribution in the width direction can be confirmed by checking the surface, thus allowing measurement to be completed in one test and the time needed for making adjustments and assessments to be reduced.

UV equipment

UVSCALE makes it easy to check the condition of reflectors, so that their angle and location can be fine-tuned, improving quality.
The special unit allows UV light distribution to be measured in a short time, enabling 100% inspection of products.
Using the special software, light distribution can be scanned in and presented as an inspection report.

UV printing

Reduction in the accumulated amount of light due to degradation of UV lamps and dirt on reflective plates can be easily checked with the color density, which makes it possible to confirm that the lamps and reflective plates should be replaced and identify causes of problems if they occur.
Attaching UVSCALE in the roll width direction of sheets and irradiating UV light while feeding the sheets makes it possible to check the actual UV light distribution in the width direction.

UV sterilization

UVSCALE allows the amount of UV light on the side faces and in the bottom corners of food packages, where illuminometers cannot be used because of the reductions in light that may occur.
Exposed UVSCALE can be stored and used to trace product quality.

UV tape

Determination of light distribution across the irradiation area, which previously required measurements at different points with an illuminometer, can now be made in a single test, allowing the time required for adjustment and judgment to be reduced.
Since anyone can easily measure the amount of UV light, the accuracy of UV tape removal can be improved.