Analyzing device for sensitive detection of viruses and bacteria with unique silver amplification.

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An Innovative Rapid Diagnostic Test System for Influenza

Increasing the sensitivity of immunochromatography by silver amplification technology for photographic development

Features of IMMUNO AG1 and dedicated reagent kit for influenza virus detection

Newly developed highly sensitive detection technology

By applying the silver amplification principle of photographic development, the colloidal gold particles that are the targets are amplified up to 100 times or more, leading to the improvement of detection sensitivity.

Automatic determination through reading function

Eliminating determination errors that are common with the conventional visual method. No need to measure time using a timer. Positive samples (shortest time about 3.5 minutes) or the completion of measurement are notified automatically by light and sound signals.

Early determination through highly sensitive detection technology

Highly sensitive amplification technology increases the sensitivity of immunochromatography, allowing for a greater ability to detect viruses in a small sample amount in the early stage of flu.

Determination through visual observation may cause errors due to the different judgments of individuals. If a measurement time is not kept as instructed, the determination of results as positive or negative may vary.

Detection sensitivity at the early stage of flu is reportedly low in generally performed immunochromatography.

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Measurement flow