November 12, 2020

FUJIFILM Recording Media Europe Partners with Cloudian® to Provide Instantly Searchable Deep Archive Storage

Integrated storage solution enables users to combine the benefits of tape and modern S3-compatible object storage ecosystem with the FUJIFILM SOFTWARE-DEFINED TAPE

FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH, Kleve, Germany, today announced a joint marketing partnership with Cloudian® that brings the performance benefits and search capabilities of Cloudian’s fully native, S3-compatible object storage to tape-based deep archives.  The integrated solution leverages the new FUJIFILM Software-defined Tape, which enables data to be stored on tape in object format, thereby combining two highly scalable and cost-effective storage technologies.  As a result, enterprise customers can create a rapidly-searchable, deep archive that integrates seamlessly with the fast-growing ecosystem of modern S3-compatible applications.

Organizations around the world have long used tape for deep archive storage. However, with the rapid growth of data in recent years, having the ability to quickly access, search and analyze archived data has become a strategic priority.

FUJIFILM Recording Media and Cloudian address this need by providing a multi-tier archival solution that integrates FUJIFILM Software-defined Tape with the Cloudian HyperStore® object storage platform.  In addition to delivering fast access and increased performance as it scales, Cloudian’s HyperStore solution enables the retention of metadata on disk-based storage for rapid search.

HyperStore also offers a single point of access and policy-based data migration for operational simplicity, and its native S3 API provides seamless integration with modern data management and data protection solutions. This includes the ability to read from and write to tape automatically through the tape-enabling FUJIFILM Software-defined Tape storage solution.

“Today’s announcement reflects our close collaboration in the development of FUJIFILM Software-defined Tape, as HyperStore was used as one of the S3-compatible reference platforms for Fujifilm’s internal testing,” said Sanjay Jagad, senior director of products and solutions at Cloudian. “We’re excited about building on this partnership with Fujifilm to help customers extract optimal value from their tape archives.”

“Highly advanced tape-based storage systems continue to have a vital role in modern data centers, with applications for storing the ever-growing volumes of critical information,” said Wolfgang May, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Recording Media Europe. “With this partnership, tape is well positioned to bring its unmatched low cost of ownership and air-gap security to a deep and wide base of hybrid cloud and object-based environments.”

About Fujifilm

FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH, Kleve, Germany, a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Cooperation, Tokyo, Japan, is acting and doing business as the Headquarters for the EMEA region. The leading tape media manufacturer continuously works on improvements to the tape systems core features such as archive life, security against viruses with the data disconnected from the network (creating an “air gap”), attractive cost, high data integrity and write speed, low environmental footprint and more. Fujifilm has recently contributed to unprecedented innovations on tape systems that meet all future-proof data storage needs: new coating processes such as Nanocubic, combined with Barium Ferrite particle technology, advances in the field of magnetic output, new drive heads developed by IBM and many more.

To go further and more specifically always meet the requirements shared by the users, Fujifilm continues to develop new tape functionalities such as the creation of customized migrations and long-term data archiving managed services to enable users to access their data over time, or a software integrating tape to object storage.

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, brings cutting edge solutions to a broad range of global industries by leveraging its depth of knowledge and fundamental technologies developed in its relentless pursuit of innovation. Its proprietary core technologies contribute to the various fields including healthcare, graphic systems, highly functional materials, optical devices, digital imaging and document products. These products and services are based on its extensive portfolio of chemical, mechanical, optical, electronic and imaging technologies. For the year ended March 31, 2020, the company had global revenues of $21.2 billion, at an exchange rate of 109 yen to the dollar. Fujifilm is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and good corporate citizenship. For more information, please visit: www.fujifilmholdings.com

About Cloudian

Cloudian is the most widely deployed independent provider of object storage. With a native S3 API, it brings the scalability and flexibility of public cloud storage into the data center while providing ransomware protection and reducing TCO by 60% or more compared to traditional SAN/NAS and public cloud. The geo-distributed architecture enables users to manage and protect object and file data across sites—on-premises and in the cloud—from a single platform. Available as software or appliances, Cloudian supports conventional and containerized applications. More at cloudian.com.

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