January 6, 2021

FUJIFILM wins CEWE Supplier Sustainability award

FUJIFILM wins CEWE Supplier Sustainability award

FUJIFILM Europe B.V has won the CEWE Supplier Sustainability award in the category ‘large enterprises’. CEWE has developed the Supplier Sustainability award in order to acknowledge those companies that stand out even now, and that go far beyond the expected standards.

The factories of FUJIFILM Tilburg are 100% powered by wind energy. The company has a waste water treatment plant on site where the waste water is purified together with four neighbour companies. Also the company focuses on waste reduction and turning waste into valuables. But above all, the committee was especially impressed with the joint product development project of FUJIFILM and CEWE for creating FSC® certified photographic paper.

FUJIFILM Europe B.V has won the CEWE Supplier Sustainability award

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) defines standards for sustainable forest management. FSC certification had long been a standard feature of the classic paper used by CEWE. The two companies have now succeeded to closed this gap for another core product, while also setting a new industry standard.

"We share the same values with CEWE and are very happy to be able to promote sustainable photo products by CEWE with our Fujifilm products,"

says Toshi Iida, President of Fujifilm Europe about winning the Award.

Board member Thomas Mehls is in charge of the issue of sustainability for CEWE:

“Sustainability is one of CEWE’s core values and is rooted deeply in our DNA. We strive to recue CO2 wherever possible and to improve our environment balance. However, concerning the materials we use, we also have to rely on our suppliers. We are dedicated to long-term relationships with our business partners, and we expect them to also show a high level of commitment to the issue of sustainability.”

About Fujifilm

FUJIFILM in Tilburg and is one of the major Fujifilm production facilities outside of Japan. The company has expertise in production, research and supply chain management.

Fujifilm produces photo paper, offset plates and membranes in Tilburg. A plant for cell culture media is under construction. On the site in Tilburg there is a Corporate Research Laboratory and an Open Innovation Hub.. Fujifilm currently employs over 700 people in Tilburg.