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The origin of Recombinant Peptides (RCP)

origin image

Gelatin is a primary ingredient of thin light sensitive layers of photographic film. Originally Fujifilm developed a recombinant collagen for its photographic products to overcome the lot-to-lot variation of natural collagen. The quality variation of natural collagen has an impact on the properties of silver halide films.
Fujifilm later focused the development of recombinant peptides on medical needs such as regenerative medicines.

Fujifilm group's technologies

Fujifilm is known as the world’s largest photographic and imaging company. Many of Fujifilm’s new products find their roots in the company's original product, photographic film. However our activities nowadays extend over a much wider area. Using the experience and know-how from our imaging history, we have diversified into new markets such as cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

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