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When you take pictures using the flash, whitish round dots appear in various parts of the image.
a magnification picture [131Kb]
Causes and solutions
There is always a certain amount of dust floating around in the air. You may have noticed this at the movies when you look up at the light coming from the movie projector and notice the bright sparks floating around in the beam.
In the same way, there are always dust particles floating around nearby when you take pictures with your camera.
When you use the flash, the light from the flash reflects off the dust particles and is sometimes captured in your shot.
Of course, dust particles very close to the camera are blurred since they are not in focus, but because they reflect the light more strongly than the more distant main subject of the shot, that reflected light can sometimes be captured by the camera and recorded on the resulting image as round white spots. So these dots are the blurred images of dust particles.
You can reproduce this problem relatively easily by taking a picture right after you put away goods that create a lot of dust, such as feather bedding.
In actual photography, this problem frequently arises in shots taken at construction sites, etc. It may also occur when it is raining or snowing. Compact cameras in which the flash and the lens are close together are particularly susceptible to this problem.
· Make the surroundings as bright as possible so that you can shoot without using the flash.
· If the flash is detachable, hold it away from the camera.
· Take the picture in a less dusty location.
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