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MyFinePix Studio

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Feature 1User-friendly Display & View

Suiting the purpose and preference, images can be displayed in many different ways.

Simple Image Importing & Easy Viewing

Simple Image Importing

Images contained in various devices can be imported into MyFinePix Studio with no effort. Just click [Import Images] in the start menu and select the device.

Easy Viewing

Viewing photos and movies on your computer is easy with MyFinePix Studio. Click [View Images] in the start menu and select the folder you want to look at.

Versatile Display & View

Select from 3 Directory Displays

You can select from 3 choices: My Computer, My Pictures, Library.
Enable the "Include subfolders" option if you want to display all pictures contained in the currently opened folder and all subfolders contained in it.

Useful Thumbnail View

The zoom slider lets you enlarge or reduce the picture view by dragging to the left or right.
Adjust the size of the picture easily with a simple action.

Three Ways to Display Photos

You can choose between different options of displaying your pictures in 2D, 3D vertical and 3D horizontal in the Manager. Select your favorite style which will be adapted to all your galleries and can be changed at any time.

Fun Photo Viewing with Slideshow

The Manager gives you the opportunity to enjoy your photos in a slideshow.

Full-Screen Display of Panorama Photos

View panorama images taken with Motion Panorama 360 or Motion Panorama of the FinePix series in full-screen with a choice of two speed levels. Pausing and reversing during playback are possible.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.